The Benefits of Testing for Asbestos

The sheer amount of building materials that once contained asbestos is staggering and this is due to the many beneficial qualities in the fibre, such as fire resistance. This popular material was once a component extensively used in construction from the 1950s to the 1980s and it was not entirely banned until 1999. Now classified as a category 1 carcinogen, labelling it a dangerous cause of cancer, it cannot be used unless under a strict set of regulations.

The fact that you can receive lasting damage to your lungs simply from one instance of contact with free-floating asbestos fibres should be enough for you to consider a survey on your old building. If you recently bought a domestic or commercial property built prior to 1987, you should always be safe and have a survey performed before using the building. Doing so could not only protect your interests but even save a few lives as well.

The Risks

If you choose not to have asbestos surveys performed on your properties, you risk a number of health concerns for any people moving through one of your buildings. The risks vary by circumstance and even the simple act of living inside the house can stir fibres into the air. Other, more severe, cases that may stir the fibres include renovations, remodelling, and demolition.

After a single instance of exposure, you could experience serious and long-lasting damage and you may even face a citation if you knew of the asbestos and failed to act. Surveys are available to protect your better interests and, as such, the cost of such a service is cost-effective and practical, allowing for any family to budget for it with ease. After all, your safety should come as the highest priority in every case of potential asbestos exposure.

Peace of Mind

When you work in an older building that is in a higher risk group, the survey can assure employees of their safety in the older building. Removal services are designed to minimise the time during which you must evacuate your building and maximise the results. The safety of people in your building will always be on the top of the priority list as the companies behind it work on your building.

If you recently began a refurbishment project and want to minimise the risk, calling on survey and removal services should make the process simpler. When workers understand that they are safe from risk, they work harder and are more productive during your renovation project. This could help you save time and money in the long run.


When you need some services to be performed on your property, you are forced to vacate the premises for extended periods of time such as when you replace the hardwood flooring. However, the right survey services help you save time by offering an effective and quick service to find the evidence of asbestos and execute a solution after its discovery. This should help you regain the time you need to take care of your daily responsibilities and focus on your own schedule.