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2021 Outdoor Furniture Trends

2021 Outdoor Furniture Trends

2021 has arrived and it’s brought with it the warm weather for people to enjoy spending more time outdoors. With sunny days and balmy nights to look forward to, now is the perfect time to look at the main outdoor furniture trends of what 2021 will bring new inspiration for your new year ahead.

Blend Your Indoor Outdoor Living Space

Create a cohesive indoor-outdoor living space that will bring these areas together. This will not only maximize your home’s space, it will create a functional flow between both rooms. There are many ways of implementing this trend in your own home. Start by replacing your plastic outdoor furniture and invest in some quality garden furniture. Add indoor greenery in your living room, adding plants inside to mirror the look and feel of your outside area. There is a wide range of indoor plants you can choose from to achieve this look. If your outdoor area is a tropical feel then look at purchasing statement palms for inside. If your outdoor style is more European than potted olive trees are a great option for your living room. Aside from greenery, outdoor rugs and cushions can create that inviting lounge room feeling outside. Usea similar colour palette for your indoor and outdoor space. Make sure these cushions are designed for outdoor use so you get the most out of them for longer.

Outdoor Heating and Cooling

To get the most out of your outdoor area, it’s important to be able to manipulate the temperature to what you need. Try adding an outdoor ceiling fan to your patio to really enhance that indoor/outdoor feel. These are the perfect solution to keeping you cool on those hot summer days as well as repelling those unwanted mosquitos and bugs.

Fire Pits have been a popular choice in most outdoor living spaces throughout the years. These are perfect if you don’t want the time in your garden to end. There is nothing better than finishing off the night with family, friends and a glass of wine around the fire pit under the stars.

White Wash Your Outside Area  

The white wash trend will be sweeping through gardens in 2021. Having white outdoor furniture and accessories creates a tranquil oasis for you to relax in. Not only is a white wash garden ideal for you to spend calming time in. It also looks great to guests as a single monochromatic color. White furniture brightens your space and is ideal for smaller gardens. If you like to create a monochromatic impact but white isn’t your cooler, try black or grey as these colors are also trending for 2021.

Your Front Garden Is the New Back Garden  

More and more people are utilizing their front garden and using it as the main outdoor area to gather in. With so many people being stuck at home in 2020 it’s nice to change your view and your living habits for the new year. Invest in some new, comfortable porch furniture for you and your family to enjoy. If you’re stuck at home it’s important to keep your spirits up. By changing your location you can enjoy beautiful details in your garden you may have not noticed before.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Outdoor Furniture  

Eco-friendly furniture and sustainable furniture has been a popular choice for the past few years and will continue to be popular throughout 2021. Look at purchasing furniture

both for their ability to withstand harsh Australian weather conditions and for their aesthetic appeal. Another benefit is that ecofriendly furniture’s organic style fits in well with every outdoor setting. One of the most durable materials is teak. Teak is a hard timber that can last decades. Make sure you treat and take care of your sustainable furniture so you can get the most out of each piece.