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3 Reason You May Have Ants in Your Home

Have you noticed an influx on ants living inside of your home? There is likely a very good reason that ants have decided that your home makes a Loan Modification great place for them to navigate towards. There are many different reasons that ants may be choosing to live inside of your home with you, but there are three reasons that seem to be the most common among people.


It can be a real bummer to learn that the reason that you likely have a lot of ants living inside of your home is because you are not keeping as tidy of a home as you could be keeping. These little pests like to live in homes where they can easily find crumbs to eat. I say crumbs because they really do prefer the food that you haven’t really even noticed is a problem. If you have little kids, you probably have a lot more crumbs being dropped on your floor than you did before you became a parent. While you may be sweeping the majority of your floor after meals, are you really focusing on the entire floor? You need to pay attention to the places that may be easily missed as the crumbs may navigate to these places and call their ant friends in to eat them.

Door Seals

It is actually really common that people find ants inside of their homes because they do not have the proper seals in their doors. If you are not paying close attention to your door seals, you probably haven’t even noticed that they are worn out or not fitting particularly perfect. One way that you can test to see if your door seal is doing its job is to close your door, turn off the lights, and place a flashlight on the other side of the door. If you can see light coming through around the seal of your door it is probably time to replace the seal. You can replace your door seal fairly cheaply by going to your local hardware store and buying new seal. It is simple to install and could very well take care of your ant problem.


Ants have to be drawn into your home somehow. Where are you currently keeping your outdoor trash can? If your trash can is located near one of the entrances of your home you are likely drawing ants in to your yard with it. The smell and food inside of your garbage can is prime real estate for ants. Simple relocating the trash can away from the entrance of your home can really detract ants from trying to come inside of your home and find more food.