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3 Trendiest Bathroom Countertops In Ottawa

Are you confused to select the most exquisite countertops in Ottawa for your newly made bathroom? Then you have stopped by the right venue where you will be abided with a list of the top 7 trendiest bathroom surfaces that you can select from. Know about the stones whether natural or engineered apart from the maintenance demands and above all the glamor quotient.

If you belong to that section of homeowners who are keen in installing stone countertops, apart from the archetypal concretes, you are in favor of the trend. Stone surfaces are much on demand these days because they look stunning and exquisite. Quartz, granite in Ottawa, marble, quartzite and the stone tiles are in vogue these days. Moreover, the overlay made of pure rock will give you a chance to stay close to nature even if you are grooming inside the bathroom of your city apartment.

Take a quick look at what is your choice and ask your builder to install that chic countertop in your bathroom.

Granite countertops in Ottawa for Bathrooms-

When it comes to class and elegance, nothing can beat the hotness of granite overlays in bathrooms. If you are intending to incorporate the most glamorous stuff in your favorite bathroom, nothing can allure you more than Ottawa granite countertops.

You can get the stone natural, which is porous or the engineered granite overlays which are maneuvered and sealed. If you are about to use hot hair tools, then opting for a heat resistant countertop like granite is a great idea. Along with doing hair, are you also going to do your nails or put up the makeup, cologne or body lotion, installing sealed granite are strongly recommended. The porous ones may absorb the liquids and will create an abstain stain.

The best part of this product is that you can customize accordingly. But make sure, you get it done by the experienced professionals that can redesign the whole overlay in your bathroom per your requirements.

Ottawa Quartz Countertop for the Bathrooms-

Following the footsteps of granite, quartz has also created a dominant position among the latest trends in bathroom countertops in Ottawa. From many feedbacks, though people have complained about the fragility of this stone overlay, but for experts, those are mere accidents. If the quartz is designed and engineered with experienced hands, these will never crack or preserve the stain marks. In fact, the best feature of the Ottawa quartz countertop surfaces is that it looks very natural and portrays aesthetically. Opt for the non-porous engineered or professionally called as the Caesarstone surfaces because they look classy and never let the stain get into it. Use a fresh cotton tissue to wipe off the stain and it will be gone.

Bathroom-Countertop.jpg (384×215)

Marble Surfaces for your Washroom

The white marble creates an unfathomable beauty in your bathroom.  But if you are choosing marble countertops for your washbasin or bathtub, try to invest on the flooring and walls for the same rock. Maintaining the metamorphosed limestones- marble is also convenient.

So, whether it’s granite countertops in Ottawa, quartz or marble surfaces – choose any one of the trendiest ones per your likes and requirements.