4 Tips To Ensure A Successful Home Renovation Project

You want something different or new in your house – a spacious living room, a spa-like bathroom, or a bigger kitchen. Renovating can be exciting but is also overwhelming. You need to consider a lot of important things before the home renovation project commences.

Careful planning is crucial to make sure that your home renovation project runs smoothly. Here is a guide to help you get organized.

1. Assess Your Home

Before diving into any renovation project, you must know exactly what you plan to do to your property. Also, prioritize work that will fix any discovered sections of decay and improve those areas that will help stabilize the building structure. There are also instances when work may cross over from one room to another, especially where wiring and plumbing are involved.

2. Know Your Budget

Create a spreadsheet of all your expenses for renovating your new home. Don’t forget to have a contingency of at least 10% to cover for unexpected expenses that may arise when remodelling your house. Also, set an extra budget for furnishing or decorating your property once the project is complete.

You may be tempted to skip on getting professional help to save some of your money, but be reminded that this can result in costly mistakes. So make a list of the services you may need and spend some time to look for the best service providers in your area.

3. Develop a Realistic Schedule

When choosing to live in a property while it is being renovated, you should be realistic about the work that you can afford to do. So it is crucial for you develop a schedule detailing the work that must be done, the timeline, and the order in which every job should be completed.

4. Hire a Reputable Moving Company

Most people just think that hiring moving companies is only essential when relocating permanently. This is why only a few people consider hiring professional removalists if their homes are undergoing a renovation job. But full-service movers can be an invaluable tool if you are renovating your home.

If you are not yet convinced, here are three compelling reasons why the best movers are also a great option for a temporary move.

In-House Move

If your renovation home project is a small one, an in-house move can be your best option. This refers to moving some items from one room to another within your home, especially when the remodel is only confined to no more than two rooms, and you still have enough space to temporarily store your other belongings.

Expansive Construction Work

It may seem like a moving company can’t help you if your construction job is disruptive and expansive. But they actually can! There are moving companies that offer storage options where you can store some of your stuff – short-term or long-term. These include small to large items like personal belongings, beds, bulky furniture, bookshelves, and even your grand piano.

Save Space and Money

If you have a small home, it may be too inconvenient for you to relocate items from one room. Instead of losing that room to a remodel, you are now losing more to store all your rearranged items.

A short-term storage option can be the safest and most practical way to have some of your items temporarily out of your way. (In fact, this is also a great storage option if you ever book a extended package tour overseas).

The best thing about hiring professional movers when renovating your home is the mobile storage they offer. Even when you do not have enough space in your home for some of your stuff, you can hire their storage modules.

Double-handling is eliminated if you opt for this modular storage solution. By reducing the incidence of handling, the risk of damage related to carrying your furniture will be minimized. Storage modules also maintain a constant temperature, thereby preventing the deterioration that can happen from mildew, damp, and rust.

Once your renovation project is complete, you would want to have all your stuff back into that space safe and damage-free. Moving professionals can help you because they have the right equipment to efficiently facilitate a move. Without the right moving equipment and proper care, you may accidentally damage the newly finished renovation job.

Renovating your house can be stressful but it can also be rewarding if you do it properly and with the best professional help. So the next time you’re planning to renovate your home, make sure to consider the tips above.


John Pfeiffer has been the proud owner of Ashtons Removals for over 40 years. His attention to detail, a product of his accountancy background, and his emphasis on training and empowering his team members, has ensured the vast number of Gold Coast families who have been moved by Ashtons Removals, have had their furniture and effects moved undamaged and with minimum fuss.