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5 Great Fire Hoses Available on the Market

Fire departments need the best equipment available on the market in order to help their firefighters fight dangerous blazes and as a fire department manager, you know the importance of great equipment. One critical part of firefighting equipment is the fire hose since they are the primary work tool of men and women that are fighting fires on a daily basis. In this article, we will talk about 5 high quality fire hoses that can contribute to your fire department’s efficiency.


The RXL-800 is a 100% polyester double jacket hose. It is lined with EDPM rubber liner in order to enhance its durability, kink resistance and GPM flow. The RXL-800 is an attack type hose that has a service test pressure rating of 400 PSIG (2 800 kPa). It also is a popular model when fighting fires in tall buildings. Finally, the RXL-800 is lighter and more compact that most of its rubber lined competitors, making it an excellent attack hose.


This fire hose was specifically developed to fight fires in the most extreme situations. The MAXXUM FCC stands out from other hoses with its new innovative patent pending fusion process called Fiber Fusion Cambric. What Fiber Fusion Cambric does is to render the liner inseparable from the jacket, which provides far superior flow benefits, kink and adhesion than those of conventional woven, lay-flat hoses. Indeed, the MAXXUM FFC can withstand internal water pressure of up to 400 PSIG without leaking or bursting. Finally, this hose is treated with the DALCOAT treatment on the outer jacket in order to increase abrasion resistance by close by almost 300% when compared to equivalent products on the market.


The SUPPLYLINE is a 100% polyester double jacket hose. It has a service test pressure rating of 300 PSIG (2 100 kPa). The SUPPLYLINE fire hose is light, compact, abrasion and puncture resistant and flexible at temperatures as low as -60°F (-51°C). It can also act as a Soft Suction hose in shorter lengths.


The TIDALWAVE 600 is a lightweight large diameter hose capable of great water flow at higher water pressure levels. It also is a 100% polyester, double jacket hose with a service test pressure rating of 300 PSIG (2 100kPa). It is a supply type hose and it is lined with TPU elastomer for compactness, flexibility and light weight. Finally, it has a higher service pressure rating than conventional rubber covered large diameter hose while occupying less space.


The ULTRA FORCE 2000 is a highly durable hose with a service test pressure rating of 400 PSIG (2 800 kPa). It is a 100% polyester jacket hose that comes with an EPDM rubber liner for better kink resistance and durability. It is a favorite among fire departments for its water flow, maneuverability and dependability. Finally, the ULTRA FORCE 2000’s outer jacket has a tight weave which resists abrasion, punctures, cuts and snags.

This concludes our article on 5 great hoses available on the market. If you are interested in any of these products, do not hesitate to contact a hose manufacturer.