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6 Best Small-Scale Upgrades that Will Enhance the Beauty of Your Home

Some people spend a great deal of time and money to freshen up the look of their homes. However, if you’re somewhat on a tight budget but still want to create a beautiful abode, you can opt for small-scale, low-cost home upgrades that wouldn’t break the bank. The best thing is, most of them are easy to DIY so you’ll most likely save some money from the labor costs too.

Level Up Your Lighting

While you can always opt for those fancy-looking chandeliers and some intricate-looking lamps, if they’re well beyond your budget, then you need to compromise. Fortunately, there are tons of options from local stores selling online wall lights, decorative lights and other forms of lighting fixtures that get the job done – to illuminate and decorate your home at a wallet-friendly price.

New Wall Paint

Stained,  chipped and discolored paint can make any room less appealing. But a new fresh coat of paint can make the environment seem like brand new! Painting your walls takes only a few hundred dollars and some muscle work, but by the time you finish, you’ll feel that your home costs ten-folds more.

Improve the Entry

When it comes to making the best first impression, your entry can make a very significant impact. For low-cost entry improvements, consider replacing the entire door or at least repainting it with exciting color. Seasonal decors like wreaths and potted plants also help the entry’s aesthetics while smaller changes like refinishing your house number can make a huge difference.

Prettify the Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets can draw a lot of attention, so it’s good to keep them in tip-top shape always. When replacing the old cabinet is not in the option, you can always try refinishing them (if they’re wood) and repainting. Also, consider getting new pretty handles and hardware to give them a fresh and updated look.

Enhance Curb Appeal

The cost of enhancing the look of your outdoors can quickly shoot up, especially if you’re thinking about expensive landscaping and installing new fences. But simple and minor updates can enhance curb appeal without the exorbitant costs. Think of refinishing your deck, repainting the patio, putting new walkways and improving the garden bed borders. Updating curb appeal pays off as it is one of the improvement projects that can raise the home value.

Strategize Your Storage

Consistent clutter can make your home look drab and untidy. Adding in more storage and locating them in the appropriate places can put things in order, giving your home a neater and cleaner look. Shelves, drawers and closet systems allow you to place things where they need to be, keeping clutter to a minimum.


Home improvement does not need to break the bank. Thoughtful and straightforward upgrades can increase the beauty and efficiency of your home. It’s easy to overlook these minor updates especially when you think that only large improvement projects can make a real difference. However, if there are budgetary constraints and you have a day or weekend off, these small-scale and low-cost enhancements can go a long way.