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All About The Eco-Friendly Roofing Materials

There are times when the roofing materials have to be changed. The roofing material might be damaged as it is exposed to rain, sunlight, heat, cold, wind, sleet, hail, snow and so on. There are several types of roofing materials but each one has its own expiry date. Thus, the roofing materials have to be changed.  The lifespan of conventional asphalt single roof is for about 20 years. Want to replace the synthetic materials with the eco-friendly ones? The organic materials are usually made from recycled wood roofs and recycled plastic shingles. Contact Logik roofers Brampton.

Wood Shakes:

The most popular eco-friendly roofing material is wood shakes and shingles. The major disadvantage of using Wood Shakes is the fact that it is made from old grown western cedar. The energy used to produce wood shakes is very low. You need to be very careful if you are planning to use shingles as it cannot be used near trees or bushes. Wondering why?  There are chances of catching fire. You can check with Custom Roofing Company for more details.

Recycled shingles:

They are the most preferred eco- friendly roofing materials. The ingredients used to make recycled shingles are fiber, wood, rubber, plastic, rubber and waste from homes as well as factory waste. Some are even made from waste obtained from homes and factory waste is also used.  They are said to be long-lasting and also it is a great way to use the waste that would have otherwise impacted the society. Wondering what could be the warranty of recycled shingles?  It can go up to 50 years if the maintenance is proper.


Slate is a material that is common as well as can create an extremely strong material tile. It can last for many years. There are numerous Custom Roofing Company that offer eco- roofing materials that are made of slate. The warranty might go up to 100 years. Mining of slate can be a costly procedure however there are organizations that offer rescued slate for material. Earth tiles are likewise eco amicable and sturdy roofing materials but they aren’t as long-lasting as the slate. If you are planning to go with slate or dirt tiles you need to ensure that the surrounding of your rooftop is strong enough to withstand the heaviness of the tiles.

Elastic Shingles:

Another naturally acknowledged rooftop material is reused elastic shingles. These are made from old steel belted outspread tires. The major advantage of using the elastic shingle is the durability and the long-lasting nature of this material. If you are planning to use elastic shingle, you need to check with your range’s building division whether certain material rooftops are permitted in your area. For example – the products made of rubber.

Thus, if you want to save the environment and protect the surrounding the best way is to go for organic roofing materials that are eco-friendly. You will not only protect your house but also the environment. Do share your feedback with us!