Are You Looking For The Best Portable Home Generator? How You Would Like To Fuel It?

With calamities that have occurred throughout the years, from devastating hurricanes to massive floods, more now than ever people prefer being prepared for scenarios that happen unexpectedly. Preparing for such situations could involve having a backup power supply in case of a blackout. In the past few winters, cities have gone months without routine power supply, so portable generators are greater in demand than they ever used to be. Hence, if you are looking for the best portable home generator for use, there are some vital aspects you must take into account.

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One crucial aspect you must take into account is that portable generators do not make use of gas as the sole fuel source these days, so deciding in the source you want yours to run on is a vital decision you have to make. Although, gas powered generators have their own merits.


For example, it is extremely convenient. Gas is usually accessible to most people around, though there are exceptions. You perhaps have other tools around your house that require gas, so you perhaps already have the fuel you need to power up the generator. All you require is a container that preserves the gas, it can be of any size, and drive down to the nearest gas station to get it refilled whenever you have to.


Propane perhaps be the best fuel source you would want to have for your portable home generator. As it is with the gas generators, propane has its own pros. For instance, propane runs cleaner and does not release hazardous, toxic fumes. They are considered to be more secure. Though propane is stored in special containers, once it runs out, you need to replace it with another one or get it refilled. Either way, it is not as convenient as gas.

Natural Gas

This source is preferred by some and considered to be the best for portable home generators. Compared to various other non-renewable sources of energy available for generators, natural gas is among the least expensive ones. It burns clean. Preserving propane is very much like storing the natural gas, however, it must be brought to home for use. If you are getting a portable home generator for emergencies, such as a backup power source, natural gas perhaps not be the right way to go.

So, the very first step before choosing the best portable home generator is to determine how you would like it to be fueled. Gas happens to be most viable overall, but every scenario is different.