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Casement Window – Benefits To Your Home

A casement can be described as a window that is fastened to its frame using hinges. Awning windows are windows fastened to the frame with hinges at the top while those fastened with hinges at the bottom are called hoppers. These windows are always used by attaching it along or in pairs to a common frame. These windows are usually kept open by using a casement stay. Pioneer has a solid reputation of supplying and installing quality casement windows.

Benefits of casement windows

The casement windows are commonly used around the world but are mostly used in windy areas. These casement windows possess cranks which enables it to open swiftly than any other type of windows on the market. The firmness is an added advantage because it enhances the efficiency. Some of the reasons why most people opt for the casement window are listed below.

Extra protection

They protect your home from burglars because they are very difficult to vandalize, thus offering extra protection for your home. If you really want to improve on the security of your home, then the casement windows are your best bet. One of the reasons why intruders find it difficult to vandalize is because they possess hook shaped locks, thus making it difficult to open.


Casement windows allows for easy ventilation into your home. This is possible because the windows possess sash which acts more like a passage that channels air into the house. This is an added advantage for residents in highly crowded locality which features just a little space.

Full window opening

There is no other type of window in the world today that can open as wide as the casement windows. It is worthy to note that this feature is unique the single casement window as compared to other window type including the double hung window which has only one movable part. If you desire a window with a wide opening capacity, then the casement window will suit your desire. However, it is very important to be cautious of the windows and apply safety measures especially if you have kids.

Casement Windows

This is characterized by the side hinge; the hinge is in such a position that the sash is opened horizontally from it. This particular type of window allows a consistent flow of air and the extended sash allows air to flow in from a steeping angle.

A casement window has its hinge on the side and it is opened just the same way as opening a door. It looks more like a picture window because it doesn’t have a rail compared to other window types available on the market today such as the double hung and the sliding windows. Some of the casement windows are usually shoved open, but a vast majority of the casement windows do have a hand crank. If you are looking to installs a new window over a sink, countertop or appliance, then a casement window with a crank will be your best bet.