Eating Well Magazine Reveals The Do’s And Don’ts Of A Vegan Diet With Valuemags

One of the first magazines that ValueMags ever distributed was Eating Well Magazine. Americans are known for being a heavy population that needs to understand what moderated and healthy eating is. At McDonalds in the United States, a large soft drink is a different size than that of Canada or European countries. Americans have different expectations of the quantities they get for their money. With eating and most things though, it is about quality, not quantity. That is the motto of most vegans. With their eating habits of absolutely no animal products, they have to make sure what they eat is of good quality so that they are getting all the nutrients they need. By cutting out all animal products, vegans are inherently cutting out many nutrients that their bodies need to function properly. The replacement options are not very any either.

The biggest “don’t” of veganism is not to assume it is only about consuming fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are filled with healthy sugars and water which is not enough energy for your body to operate. Even though you may be sitting on the couch all day or even sleeping, your body is still operating. Breathing, having your heart pump, and the digestive process among other bodily functions all require a lot of energy. When the body no longer has a source of incoming energy, it starts to eat at your own stored body fats. As a result, you could start rapidly losing weight. That weight loss is dangerous and many turned vegans have poorly converted.

The biggest “do” of veganism is doing your research. Whether you were raised in a vegan family or make the change yourself, you need to be aware of the foods that will get you the nutrients you need. A great replacement for meat is nuts. Nuts are diverse so they can satisfy a non-diversified palette. Researching the other alternatives is good because individuals likely do not want to be consuming the same foods all the time. Consuming the same foods can be irritating.

Exhaust your options and stay well educated about your lifestyle. A great way to stay updated with vegan get options is by subscribing to ValueMags’ Eating Well Magazine.