Graffiti Removal Based on Different Types of Surfaces

When you have unsightly markings or graffiti on your building, it is important to take timely measures. Overlooking the issue is not going to help; in fact, you may even end up having new markings as well. Therefore, you should react quickly and call a professional to evaluate the situation and identify the most suitable graffiti removal method.

In certain situations, you can take certain steps to help remove the undesired markings on your own. You can certainly do it if you proceed in the right way. You need to consider the type of surface before trying any method. For instance:

  • You can use the same color paint if the graffiti is on a painted surface. The only issue is that you will have to match the paint. You can handle the issue better if you have saved some paint you applied originally.
  • You can use a good quality graffiti remover when you have the markings on metal, glass, or other non-porous surfaces. You can find these paints at good hardware stores. Some people may use a razor blade to remove small markings on a non-porous surface, but it can be dangerous, especially if you do not know the right technique.
  • Getting rid of graffiti from the sidewalk will be a tiresome process. You need to take steps to prevent the markings in the first place because you will have to hire a pro to deal with the process. The professionals will first apply some sort of graffiti remover and then proceed with soda blasting or pressure washing to get satisfactory results.
  • Having tags removed from glass can be quite tricky; in fact, things become serious when the markings are acid etched in your exterior. It is better to ask a professional about ways to remove the markings from your storefront.
  • You may not get good results from conventional graffiti removal process when you have the markings on raw masonry. Unpainted porous surfaces are the targets for taggers because they are harder to get rid of. You can try certain ways but you may have to hire a professional to handle the task. The reason is that these types of markings respond better to pressure washing or soda blasting.

In short, you have to pay special attention to graffiti removal because leaving it unattended can make matters worse. You have to ensure that use the services of experts to remove the markings from unpainted porous surfaces. Of course, you will have to spend some money, but the results will be impressive. Moreover, experienced companies can also help you learn about anti-graffiti sealers or anti-graffiti coating that you can have on your building. The coating will not prevent the markings, but it will become much easier to deal with it later, as conventional ways will work fine to remove the graffiti. So, be sure to work with a professional only!