House Siding: More Than a Facade

Almost everyone would expect a house siding to have no other contribution except for aesthetics. This is one of the biases against it. But never allow this misnomer and misconception prevent one from maximizing its full benefits. Don’t let these prejudices obscure the more important truth – its significant function for design and protection.

On the outside…

During construction, the framing and sheathing of a house are further covered with an additional layer for better insulation. This protects the house from temperature, humidity, wind and water from the outside. This is the layer where a siding is installed which gives the exterior better protective capacity. Wood, brick, vinyl or aluminum can be used as a siding. It matters what material is applied because it influences the overall look and sets the durability or maintenance needs of the siding. Here are the possible options:

  1. Wood siding is one that has to be highly maintained because it’s more prone to wear and tear. Frequent painting and pest treatment must be done to prevent any physical damage or insect infestation.
  2. Bricks siding requires the least maintenance but it is one of the most expensive
  3. Aluminum siding is one option for those that don’t prioritize the appearance but are budget conscious.
  4. Vinyl Siding is one of the most cost-effective choices because it is less costly and can keep its appearance for a long time. It’s one of the easiest to install and it can be maintained with an occasional spray cleaning.

Looking in…

Insulated Wall Systems is breaking new ground in house siding. It contributes immensely to a more efficient home by adding a layer of insulation to allow for further resistance to heat flow. This means no extra work for the home owner’s heating system to keep the temperature indoors at one’s comfort level.

Siding has proven to be more than a facade. It does more for every home than what meets the eye. As important a decision as having it, making a choice among the best siding contractos in Ann Arbor Michigan is just as important. Regardless of the purpose for having it installed, the need for a good siding contractor will make a big. This is a big job that one will want to be done right the first time. It only makes sense to choose one of the most reliable and will provide the best customer satisfaction. This is a home improvement that is all-encompassing: design merits, promise of security and greater investment value for the house.