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How Does Pollution Affect The Everyday Lives Of Americans?

Pollution touches every American, whether they realize it or not. Pollution is not always apparent to the eye or sense of smell. Some people simply live with corruption because they have grown up in an environment where that pollution is expected. Look at what happens when pollution gets in the way of everyday Americans. Each of these Americans can change their life if they do their part and plan to avoid pollution as much as possible.


 Air Pollution

Air pollution is the most obvious of them because people can feel it when they breathe in the air around them. When anyone moves outside of central metropolitan air, they can instantly see that the air is cleaner and thinner. The atmosphere is very thick in places where industry and pollution are rampant. Air pollution is controlled by things like emissions inspections for cars, factories that must use special air filters or incinerators, and restaurants with special smokestacks that will filter smoke from the kitchen.

Air pollution hits every family when they must buy an air filter for their HVAC system, and these families must deal with the consequences when they are sick or have breathing issues. Asthma and bronchitis are prevalent conditions. Kids who have these conditions grow up playing fewer sports, being less active, and missing out on opportunities because they cannot go outside as much as possible.

 Water Pollution

Water pollution is one of America’s most prevalent issues because chemicals from farming and industry have leaked into the water supply. Water treatment plants must work overtime to keep

the water clean enough for people to drink, and these same plants have engineers working on ways to help clean the water table that may have been polluted in the past.

Many families cannot dig wells because the water in the area is not clean enough. These families often have issues with hard water because the local water itself has changed composition over time.

 Light Pollution

Light pollution may not seem like it is that important, but it prevents the population from seeing the stars in the sky. Light pollution tends to choke out the wonders of the universe, and it can take away some of the daydreamings that allow people some rest from their daily lives.

 Polluting The Oceans

Oceans that are polluted are throwing trash on the shore every day. There are garbage patches in the sea the size of some US states, and there are beaches that can no longer be used because they are so dirty. The bay in Rio de Janeiro was nearly too dirty to host boating events during the 2016 Olympics, and cruises are often not as picturesque because the pollution is so harmful.

The oceans are polluted tot he points out that some harmful algae are coming ashore, and the same is true of lakes and waterways. People once swam in lakes near r homes worldwide are now in danger of being killed by an alga that is suddenly blooming because of pollution and global warming.

 How Is Planet Warming?

The planet is warming an alarming rate because of pollution that has not been kept in check. If someone wants to care for the earth, they need to ensure that they have recycled and helped with air pollution and water pollution. Conservation efforts are going on right now to help the planet heal, and these efforts make a big difference in the lives of people who live near waterways or are hurt by air pollution every day.

 Increasing Sickness

The number of health problems caused by the environment increases every year, primarily because it causes people to breathe in dirty air or drink contaminated water. Things like lead and toxic chemicals have poisoned some communities. Other communities have smog and smoke in the air every day, giving people a persistent cough or even causing cancer. Plus, there are still building materials out there that cause some of the worst air pollutions when they are burning or in contact with the sun’s hot rays.


Americans are hurt every day by the environment and by pollution. These people must use products to work around dirty water or air, and these people might find that they have health

issues that are almost impossible to correct. Anyone living in a place with contaminated water or shores cannot enjoy nature, and even people who live near roads hear the constant hum that roads cause. Plus, these people cannot gaze at the night sky, they cannot breathe, and they cannot even drink from the river on a hike.