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How to Remove Odor from Old Wood Furniture?

How to Remove Odor from Old Wood Furniture?

They say old is gold, and we can’t agree with this more. However, sometimes the old stuff, especially furniture, emits some disturbing odor. Like in the case of old wood, you might even be tempted to call the furniture removal team to come and haul it away.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to get to this point where you call furniture removal experts. With the right prevention methods, you can still keep your valuable piece of vintage and not have to contend with awkward smells.

You don’t have to hesitate buying vintage furniture any longer just because of the annoying smell. Here’s how to remove odor from old wood and evade furniture removal:

Use Wood Soap to Evade Furniture Removal

Often, the number one cause of the terrible smell from old wood is bacteria and germs. These pathogens majorly infest wood that has been in a moisture rich environment for long. Sometimes it may even occur through spillage of water and other moisturized substances on the wood.

Accidental spills happen from time to time. And kids tend to be the main perpetrators of this act. Pets come second on the list. But this is something you may not prevent fully, even if you try – well unless you get rid of your pets and kids. And this is just outrageous to think of. But even when these spills happen, the good thing is that you can clean afterward.

Using wood soap is a great way to do this easily and avoid furniture removal. It kills the germs and bacteria inside wood effectively. All you have to do is to use it and then let the piece of furniture dry for a while.

Let the Old Wood Sit in the Sun

Sometimes dealing with wood odor is simpler than you thought. Just take the item out in the sun and let it sit there for a while. You’ll be shocked at how effective this works in clearing the smell.

The rays from the sun help in drying the wood, in case it has moisture. And when there’s no moisture, then bacteria and germs miss a ground to thrive. This, therefore, destroys the musty smells. However, note that this method may not be effective for potent smells and bacterial infestations.

Dehumidifying To Prevent Furniture Removal

This is another way you can evade furniture removal when dealing with old wood. Since wood has porous characteristics, it’s more likely to take in a lot of moisture, air, and smells within its surroundings.

For instance, when you place a piece of furniture inside a garage, attic, or an old house, then it’s more likely going to take after the smell of that environment. Using a dehumidifier for several days should get rid of this smell easily.

Using Sand and Refinish

Sand down the original finish and give it time to breathe for a few days. Again, in this case, you’ll have to be careful not to leave the furniture in a stuffy or enclosed area with no air conditioning or flow. It will only make it easier for it to absorb new moisture and odors. Refinish the surface with about two to three coats, as you allow the stain to dry completely.

Odor Fighting Substances to Prevent Furniture Removal

A great alternative to using complicated methods is to work with an odor fighting substance. This helps to kill the odors and eventually prevent furniture removal. This method is especially beneficial for certain types of furniture with hard-to-reach areas. For instance, something like a dresser with drawers may be a challenge to get rid of the musty smells using the methods above.

Some of the odor fighting substances that you can use in this case include charcoal and coffee grounds. Place either odor fighting substances inside a container and then in the drawers then close. Check the results after a few days and add the substance if need be. You may equally find that the musty odors are no longer existent. In which case you don’t have to add charcoal or coffee grounds.

In case the charcoal got smeared around the furniture, you can simply repaint and nobody will ever notice.

Paint the Old Wood

Painting is often an overlooked way to deal with musty odors. When you paint wood, you eliminate the annoying odors and replace them with the fresh smell from the paint. Use a powerful primer to do this, as that’s what will bring you positive results.

Primers are strong enough to block the smell from old wood, and restore that good feeling you had with furniture.

Call a Furniture Removal Company If Everything Fails

We understand that you may have a strong sentimental attachment to that old wooden item. However, if you can’t eliminate the smell, then you leave yourself no other option than to call furniture removal experts. You can’t live with an odor-emitting piece of junk in your house simply because of attachment reasons.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the ways you can use to salvage that old piece of wood from furniture removal when it has odors. Nevertheless, when all steps work in vain, then furniture removal is the only option on the plate for you.