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How to Spot a Legitimate Professional Mover

Regrettably, some movers are just out to get your money. There are too many horror stories from people who thought they hired legitimate professional movers only to have their possessions held hostage by these unscrupulous individuals until they pay an unreasonable amount that is far from the original quotation. Or worse, they’ll just take off with your belongings, leaving you high and dry in your new home.

Don’t fall victim to this modus operandi. Follow the guidelines below to avoid being scammed by the ones you trust with your precious valuables while you move.

Do due diligence – this includes actually visiting the mover’s office

Don’t just rely on what the mover’s website tells you. Always do a proper research and check for yourself if what is stated on their web page, such as the office address and phone numbers indicated, are correct. It is also a good time to personally meet those people you are planning to entrust with your possessions, ask them pertinent questions (such as how long they have been in the business, their insurance coverage, their replacement value protection, etc.), and have a good gauge on their equipment and capabilities to help you move.

It is also a good way to find out if the trucks they are using or carrying the company’s name and logo, and not just an unmarked truck.

This is why it is always wise to start looking for professional movers within your local area for convenience’s sake. Doing a due diligence can help save you from the perils of hiring a fly-by-night moving scammer.

If you live in Alberta, you can start checking out Calgary mover Edmonton mover.

Check and verify client references

While you are visiting the mover’s office, ask for a client list that you can use as reference before making a decision. The reference should include the full name of the client, when did they use the mover’s services and client’s contact details.

When you get the reference list, don’t hesitate to call them. Be polite and tell them that you are thinking of hiring the mover and if they can just give you a quick feedback on the mover’s service. This way, you can get an honest feedback from those who did hire the mover and not just based your judgement on the company reviews you read on the internet.

Don’t get blinded by so-called big discounts or promo offers

While moving isn’t cheap, it is not an excuse for your to be blinded by low estimates or offers of price reductions up front. Chances are, the moving company will blindside you with ‘unforeseen’ additional costs that are worth more than half of what you originally agreed on. You don’t want to be a victim of movers who held a client’s possession for ransom.

Following these guidelines can reduce the risk of hiring scammers. Unfortunately, even the most careful customer can be a victim by moving scams. If ever this happens to you, call the local authorities and report the crime immediately.

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Bea Vega is a national athlete. A champion and have gained so many recognition around the globe. Because of her expertise in tennis, she move around a lot with the help of Edmonton mover.

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