Need a Handy Moving?

Are you moving into a new home or apartment come the New Year? Perhaps it’s time that you consider hiring your favorite Handy mover to get the job done right. Not only is this company known for their professional cleaners and handymen (hello new painted walls, mounted smart TV and collage wall!), but they are also known for their local moving services.

Start the New Year on a good foot with Handy’s moving packing, lifting and loading help. Integrate their help with these neat tricks for an easier and happier move.

These Handy moving tips will save you a lot of energy, time and money:

  1. Use extra clothing to wrap your breakables (plates and glasses) and save on bubble wrap!
  2. Pack an overnight bag for all your essentials during the day of the move. Your bag should include your toiletries, an extra change of clothes and snacks. You’ll likely be too tired once you’ve arrive to your new home to open up your boxes.
  3. Place delicate glasses in socks in order to pad them up and prevent them from breaking.
  4. Use a clear plastic bin to pack all the items you will need first, such as scissors, garbage bags and kitchen utensils. This way you will clearly identify your essentials.
  5. Clean your new home’s bathroom before you make the move so that you don’t have to do it once you’ve arrived.
  6. Prevent your makeup (especially eyeshadow, bronzer and highlighter) from breaking by placing a cotton pad in the packaging.
  7. Liquid hair products and toiletries are risky spillage culprits. Wrap all the tops of your liquid toiletries with saran wrap before you place them in your moving boxes.
  8. Place your plates vertically instead of horizontally into the boxes. Make sure you pad each side with extra garments and bubble wrap.
  9. Use a large roll of stretch wrap to cover your furniture and boxes.
  10. Ensure that you place all your smaller parts, such as bolts and screws, in a sandwich plastic bag so that you’re not left searching for them when your Handy professional mounts your TV to your wall.
  11. Reduce on extra boxes by utilizing all your suitcases, hampers and baskets as makeshift moving boxes.
  12. Color code your (makeshift) boxes for each room they belong to. This will allow your Handy mover to get the job done even faster.