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Organizing Your Pantry

Have you ever been into someone’s home before and noticed how clean their pantry was? What about the opposite?  Have you ever been disgusted by someone’s pantry and had the sudden urge to be sure that you never have a cluttered, dirty pantry ever again? We are here to give you the needed tips to be sure that your pantry is a talking point inside of your home, and for a good reason.

Move Everything Out

You will be shocked to find all of the things that you have shoved behind boxes and containers inside of your pantry. You have to start the project by taking out everything that is already stored inside of your pantry. Once you have everything out, you have a clean surface to start the organizing process. Also, moving everything out of the pantry gives you the opportunity to really clean the shelves well. You are probably going to notice how many spills have happened in the pantry that have gone uncleaned. Take the time to really clean and disinfect that space in your pantry. A Phoenixville pest control employee once told me that dirty pantries are one of the main reason that people have nasty bugs inside of their home. We all know we don’t want bugs living in our food!

Purchase Needed Storage

One of the best ways to be sure that all of the things in your pantry are well organized is to buy the needed storage containers. Depending on what kind of pantry you have, you may be interested in having pretty baskets, or possibly you just want to have clear containers that you can see into. Whatever your style is, just be sure that the containers are functional and are going to make the space more organized.

Label Everything

Now that you have all of the storage containers that you need to make sure everything stays in the correct place, it is important that you start the labeling process. You can not expect the baskets to be organized 6 months down the road if you do not have them labeled well. Without labels, you are going to have to dig through containers, and we all know what is going to happen when your 4 year old goes searching for a snack. If you can label the containers well you can avoid having your organization ruined out of frustration.

Section Off the Shelves

Moving like products next to each other is a great way to start the process. You want to keep snacks in one place, pasta in another, cereal in another, and so on. If you can designate certain areas of your pantry for specific items you are going to be able to find the items easier every time you go looking for something. Spend some time really thinking about where things should go and what makes the most sense for the space.