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Why is Quick-step Laminate Flooring so Great?

If you have decided to give to your home a makeover you should start with the base, which is of course the floor. As you know, floor doesn’t always come cheap, especially if you are on a tight budget. But not everything is lost as you have plenty of alternatives when you’re after the wood look for less. One such alternative is Quick-Step laminate flooring and here are just some of the reasons that this floor is so great for homeowners.


One of the main advantages is that, like others laminate floors, Quick-Step is very durable. It is made of four layers, the first one is called the backing and is a barrier agains moisture. The second is the core, which gives stability to the floor when you walk on it. The third layer is the image and it is thanks to this that your floor looks like real wood or tile. This is done using a high resolution photographic image that is printed on the layer. Finally, the wear layer protects the floor from fading or diminishing over time. These layers combined help to make the floor water resistant and means you don’t need to worry about any spillages provided you remove handle them straight away. Because of its resistance to scratches, Quick-Step is an excellent family friendly floor as well as ideal for pet owners too.

Perfect for DIY

Quick-Step floors help you to cut back on those costs as not only are they cheaper than other floors, they are also easier to install so you won’t need to call a specialist. Even if you are not a DIY expert, you can perfectly install the floor yourself if you wish. This is thanks to the “Uniclic” system used by Quick-Step floors. The “Uniclic” system work by the planks “clicking” together, much like a jigsaw. This also makes replacing damaged planks in the future incredibly easy as you need only remove the affected flooring and replace it with a new plank.

It Looks Amazing

Laminate floors are renown for being synthetic floors that imitate the look of real wood perfectly and Quick-Step is no exception. Quick-Step offers a wide range of wood effect styles such as oak, walnut or pine. Not only you can find it in wood, you can also use Quick-Step flooring that has a tile effect. Another great feature of these floors is that they are safe for use with underfloor heating. A solid wood floor would warp and split if used with underfloor heating, but Quick-Step laminates can handle these temperature fluctuations with ease making them well suited for basements and conservatories too.

As you can see, this floor is the perfect combination of both style and practicality. More budget friendly and easier and quicker to install as well being water and scratch resistant. On top of that, these floors can be used with underfloor heating. With all of this in mind, its hard to find a reason not to fall in love with Quick-Step laminate floors!