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Saving Money on Bills This Summer: What Should You Do?

Experts report that we can expect another record-breaking summer this 2021. For this reason, we can expect households to consume more electricity as air conditioning (AC) units, and electric fans will probably be working round-the-clock.

If you expect your own electricity consumption to skyrocket in the upcoming summer season, here are some essential tips for saving money on electricity bills during the warmer season.

Have Your AC Unit Serviced

Not many people know that even the single act of clearing their AC unit’s filter can save up to as much as 5 to 15 percent in energy consumption. This is why it’s important for all your cooling systems to always be maintained and serviced, and preferably before the warmer months come. Not only will it help you save money on electricity bills, but it can also keep your unit working properly for the long haul.

Don’t Overwork Your Thermostat

It may be tempting to keep your thermostat on overdrive, especially during particularly scorching afternoons. Still, there is no more efficient way to keep your electricity bills manageable than by adjusting your thermostat. During the hotter season, adjust your thermostat so that it keeps you just comfortable and cool enough, then bump it up to one degree if you still feel warm. Even keeping your thermostat above 75 °F could help conserve 10 to 15 percent of energy.

Unplug and Turn Off

Suppose you have never made a habit of unplugging appliances and turning off switches when not in use. Now is the time to do so. When it’s light outside, and you have enough windows, consider ditching the drapes to let natural light in. Turn off the switches of electrical cords and turn off the lights when you’re leaving the room. Every small action counts. Invest in some LED light bulbs as well, since they’re more energy-efficient compared to their traditional counterparts.

Switch to Smart Fixtures

If your home is on the older side and you’re not really the type to remember to turn off and unplug unused lights and appliances, consider switching to smart fixtures. Many smart fixtures and appliances have features like motion sensors, which can automate the appliance for you in places such as the bathroom or your closet. You can program them to turn on when motion is detected in the room. Another example is smart switches, which allow users to turn their lights on and off through an app on their phone. Look for the Energy Star symbol when choosing new fixtures and appliances.

Be Strategic with Your Laundry

You can cut corners on your summer electricity bill by cutting back on doing your laundry. Wash your clothes only once or twice a week and use cold water. This will decrease the amount of energy needed to supply the machine with the warmth it uses to clean. Hang a clothesline in your yard to dry your clothes instead of using the dryer.

Explore Solar Power

For long-term savings, consider switching to solar panels. Thanks to businesses seeing the need for residences to transition from fossil-fueled electricity to clean energy, solar electricity has become more accessible to households across the United States. Review your finances to see if this is something you can invest in for your long-term savings, or consult with professionals to learn how you can finance your solar energy transition.

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Re-Think Your Water Heating

Water heating accounts for about 1/5 of the power consumed in your home. Wash your clothes with cold water as well. Since it’s too hot for scalding water anyway, consider taking cold showers in the afternoons.

Spend More Time Outdoors

This may seem counterintuitive since all we want to do during the summer is stay cool, but if you have a porch or any outdoor living area, consider spending more time there with a refreshing drink or a cool dessert. Spend time with your family, friends, or pets in the outdoor area of your home, and you would be using little to no lights or cooling appliances.

Consider making your outdoor living area more beautiful and comfortable by incorporating more plants, throws, pillows, and even a roof of some sort. If you have a pool, consider spending your late afternoons swimming so you won’t have to consume more electricity inside your home.

When it comes to saving money on electricity, we need to think both short-term and long-term. It will be good not just for our wallets but for our planet as well. Take every step you can to ensure that you’re doing your part in energy consumption this summer.