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Sewage Backup Cleanup Services Fort Myers Florida

One of the terrible things you can ever encounter as a homeowner is a sewer backup.  A sewer backup happens once a blockage hinders the wastewater from flowing through the main line that links your home to the municipal sanitary sewers. The obstruction can cause your sewer lines and drain pipes to refill till it eventually overflows. This is why you need sewage backup cleanup services Fort Myers Florida.

Similar to water damage, sewage backups can lead to structural and cosmetic damage to your business and home. Sewage is most likely to contain parasites, viruses, bacteria, and mold that can stand as a significant threat to you and your pets.

Give us the chance of letting you have peace of mind in case of an emergency in Fort Myers Florida. With our thirty minute latency, our dependable and compassionate experts can tidy up your issue in no time.


Permit us to clean up after a sewage backup, in order to keep you safe and prevent lasting damage. As soon as an initial assessment and a charge free estimate are carried out, our skillful sewage clean up team use state of the art facilities to remove the sewage water, then ensure that the total area is dried. We will eliminate the compromised materials, disinfect and sanitize, shop mold growth, deodorizer and bring your office or home back to its original state.

Removal and Disposal

We then inspect the damaged materials and then discard the ones that cannot be fixed. They may be structure materials like carpeting, plaster, carpet padding, drywall, and other items affected by sewage. Sadly enough, some personal stuff and furniture may need to be thrown away as well.

Dry Out

After the disposal of material that cannot be fixed, we make use of dehumidifiers and standard grade air movers to dry out materials and sections that can be restored. We monitor our equipment closely to make sure we achieve the quickest drying time and to prevent extra damages. Dry outs usually take several days depending on the seriousness of damage.

Sanitize, Disinfect, and Deodorize

As soon as the area is dried up, we effectively sanitize, deodorizer and disinfect the scene to put an end to any odor and prevent the thriving of viruses, parasites, mold, and bacteria. We can as well sanitize structural materials like walls, ceiling, and flooring walls. We also disinfect and deodorize salvageable materials.


The last step to sewage cleaning and restoration is to rebuild and restore the affected area to its original condition. This may be laying a new carpet, installation of new cabinets or fixing of new drywall.