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Signs You Might Have Infestation at Home

Signs You Might Have Infestation at Home

Realizing that your beautiful home might have had “unwelcomed guests,” co-existing with you is probably one of your worst nightmares as a homeowner. Rodents, cockroaches, ants, bed bugs, you name it—these pests aren’t supposed to be dwelling anywhere near us because of the disturbance or threat they bring. Most pests do not just attack nor bite, they also cause damage or harm not only to our belongings or home structure and worse, our health. That is why it is really a must for every homeowner to protect their households from these nuisances and, if they really happen to invade our home, apply appropriate pest control methods and other preventive measures to keep these annoying critters at bay.

First, you must be aware of all the indications that your home might be infested. Here are telltale signs of pest infestation that you should look out for so you can do what is necessary as immediately as possible.

Droppings/Fecal Matter

These signs may apply to rodents, roaches, and bed bugs. In the case of rats and mice, droppings particularly in hidden areas are one of the most obvious clues. You can see mouse droppings inside drawers and cupboards, under the sink, behind toasters, or in areas where food is present (i.e. near food packages). Feces of rodents appear like black sesame seeds, while bed bug feces have a dark brown or rusty color and look like smears seen on places they dwell on. You must also learn to identify what type of excrements you are seeing so you will also know what kind of pests you are dealing with.

Odd Stench

If you sense some foul smell like that of ammonia or musty odor, it is very likely that you have pests infesting your household. The combination of feces and urine can emit such a strong unpleasant smell. Bedbugs, on the other hand, produce a stink described as similar to that of a damp towel left for days, rotten wood, or uncleaned locker rooms. Take action right away as soon as you notice such a weird stench lingering in your home.

Peeling Paint and Weak Floors

This is a clear sign that you have serious termite problem in your household. Termites typically leave moisture behind as well as make tunnels in wood which cause weakening of wooden structures and cracking or peeling of paint on walls. If you step on your floor and notice that the wood underneath your foot is feeble or wilted, termite infestation is highly possible. Call your trusted pest control expert immediately to address the problem.

Mud Tunnels on Walls

Part of termites’ nature is to burrow into wooden structures creating tube-like tunnels which are made of dirt, saliva, and mud and which stretch to and fro their food source. These mud tunnels are easy to spot as they are visible on the external walls of your house. Do not ignore these signs if you want to safeguard your home from major structural damage especially if the termite problem is prolonged.

Weird Sounds

Termites usually make tapping noise within your walls. Place your ears next to your wall and listen to these rattling sounds created by these notorious pests. Termites signal others for potential threat by banging their heads on the walls of their mud tunnels. Rodents, on the other hand, make scratching sounds typically during the night when their activity is at its peak. These sounds can heard from your walls, ceilings, under floorboards, basements, and lofts.


Spiders consume insects to survive. Thus, if you see lots of spiders lurking within parts of your house, it means that your household may be home to many bugs and insects as well. While spiders are unpleasant to see and you want to get rid of them, make sure you also exterminate those minute pests that are attracting them to your home.

Holes on Wooden Structures and Wood Shavings

These are indications of ant infestation, carpenter ants to be exact. Besides digging underground, carpenter ants consume your home’s wooden structures to build their nests. You may then see holes on wooden structure and, adjacent to these openings, piles of wood shavings. Carpenter ants are downright destructive just like termites. Therefore, homeowners must not ignore take ant infestation lightly.

Knowing signs of infestation is a good way to protect your home as well as the people living therein from the potential dangers of having pests in the household. It is a great feeling to know that your home is free from any sorts of infestation. Thus, we have to be quick in spotting indications of pest infiltration so we can take the necessary steps to prevent the problem from getting worse.