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Solar Panel Electrician – So Many Questions to Ask

Solar Panel Electrician – So Many Questions to Ask

You may be confused and always getting asked questions on how solar panels are installed into the home to supply electricity usage or to replace your energy provider. The solar panel electrician is the only person who can get this job done with perfection and install the solar panel onto the roof of your home. Let’s discuss some important questions regarding solar panels.

Why are These Panels So Expensive?

There are numerous causes and reasons why it is so expensive. The main reason behind its costly price tag is because its market is quite small, and there is no competitive marketplace available for this.

How will you Connect the Panel with Home Wiring?

It is not as simple as it seems to be. It is advised not to connect the panel into your home wiring yourself unless you are sure or you are a registered electrician. It would be great if you will hire an expert and registered electrician who can do this job for you. This is not a simple task to do as it consists of a controller, batteries, and an inverter. An electrician can wire up everything to the batteries in order to install the panel.

What do you Need to Install it?

A solar panel is a system, which is able to create direct current rather than creating alternating current used in your home. And a controller is needed for this that can regulate the power from the panel to the batteries. It can increase the life of a battery and prevent it from any damage. So it means you will also need batteries as these are the main medium of storage.

These batteries permit you to store the energy when sunlight is at its peak, and you can use the electricity from the batteries whenever you require it 24/7. Moreover, you will require an inverter that can convert the direct current into an alternating current at the right voltage to make use of it in your home.

What is the Role of the Controller?

The job of the controller is to control the amount of energy that is supplying into the batteries so that it will prevent over-charging or over-discharging. Its job is similar to your car voltage regulator. When the battery reaches the level of completion, the controller will slow down the charging and boost its lifetime. If you don’t buy a controller, then you will need to manually check out the voltage on your batteries and will need to manually connect and disconnect them from the panel.

However, controllers are very reasonable to buy, and there are several DIY designs available on the internet. A basic type of controller is able to monitor the voltages, and it can open up the circuit as well as is able to stop the charge once the battery approaches a certain level. More complicated controllers are designed to control the power supplied to the batteries.

Why Does One Need Batteries?

As mentioned earlier, these are the main medium to store energy from the panel until you need it. The amount of energy converted varies during the night and day, as the input charge of the battery varies. So you are allowed to use the power stored in the battery at any time.

Does One Need a Special Type of Battery to be Installed?

Mostly, the solar panels available in the market need 12 or 24-volt batteries which are similar to the batteries used in cars. You will require batteries that must be able to handle the cycle, such as from full charge to heavily discharge repeatedly. The car batteries are prone to damage if they discharge so easily and deeply, as these are intended for delivering a quick burst of energy to start the engine.

So these are the most significant questions you need to ask when you decide to hire a solar panel electrician who can do the installation job for you.