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Stone Options for Kitchen Countertops

Are you looking at remodeling your kitchen? One of the most popular items in any kitchen remodel is the countertops. There are a lot of different options that you can look at when you’re ready to update your countertops. If your budget a small you’re probably confined to things like formica. However, if you have a decent-size budget there are so many options for you to choose from. We are here to help you break down the different options that are available for you to pick from.


Granite has easily been one of the most popular styles for many years. Granite is a very hard stone that makes a great service for your kitchen countertops. It comes in many different styles. for many years people thought of granite as a very traditional choice. However, over two years it has really become an all-around choice for people’s kitchens. You may actually be surprised to see how many choices there are when it comes to Granite.


Quartz quickly making its way as one of the most popular stone choices for your countertops. Quartz is a very hard stone that is actually man-made. Because it is man-made, they can make them in many different styles and colors. People love quartz because it is modern, yet holds the same appeal as many of the other stones.

It’s very common for people to ask a question granite vs quartz? These two stones really are the most popular for people’s homes currently. There many different reasons to consider one versus the other and you will need to do your research in order to decide which is going to be the best for the inside of your home and for your families needs.


Soapstone is another great option that many homeowners look into. The stone is a bit more  subdued and is a great fit for traditional homes that are looking for a everlasting option for inside of their homes. Soapstone is also increasing in popularity as more people learn about the benefits of using it inside of their kitchen.


Of course there is marble. Marble will forever be one of the most classic stones that you can use inside of your home. Marble is elegant and is going to be in style for many years to come for sure. However, marble is not one of the most hardy of choices and you will need to be careful with it forever so it does not etch and stain.