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To Do Or Not To Do It Yourself: Roof Repair

Roof Repair

There are as many different types of homeowners as there are types of homes. Some people like to take care of all home improvement needs themselves, for trust, a desire for knowledge, or countless others reasons. Others prefer to leave the work to a professional residential roofers to keep their attention on other matters. Most people straddle the fence somewhere between these two extremes.

This article is geared towards those middle-grounders. Those who prefer to handle certain things themselves, but draw a line somewhere to get a professional involved. Specifically, we’re going to talk about roofs.

It’s cooling down outside, fast. That means that Winter is well on its way, along with all of the risks of damage to your roof it brings. As homeowners the world over prepare for harsher weather, here are a few guidelines to help decide if a particular job is one you can handle easily yourself, or if it’s best left to a professional.

Jobs For The Average Diyer

You like to get your hands dirty. You’re out to save money by performing basic maintenance and roof repair yourself. You love learning new trades and crafts that will prove useful to you for years to come. If any of those statements apply to you, you’ll enjoy this basic list of roof repairs you should be able to handle without too much trouble.

When working on a roof, always bring a partner and wear boots with good treads, work gloves, and a hard hat.

A basic rule of thumb to decide if a roofing task is one you can handle yourself is to answer this single question: is this an external repair? Answering yes to this question means you’re dealing with an issue like some damaged shingles or the flashings around vents. These are repairs any DIY homeowner should be able to handle, no problem. If this repair is for an internal part of your roof, then many other factors come into play.

Firstly, the depth and spread of damage matters, greatly. If you’re looking at patching one of the membranes beneath the shingles, an experienced DIYer might be capable of the repair, with the proper research and materials. If the whole membrane needs to be replaced, or water has gone several layers deep, you’re looking at a much more complicated fix. Whether or not you feel comfortable addressing these repairs yourself is up to your own experience and confidence.

Jobs For A Professional

Roof Repair

If you’re a DIYer who draws a line at a certain point of experience and time commitment, there are definitely some fixes you’ll want to find a good roofer for. Going back to the rule of thumb from above, most of these jobs involve damage that runs deeper than your shingles.

You might consider hiring a professional to repair your roof for you if:

  • Many, or the majority of your shingles are peeling up or cracked
  • You pulled some shingles, only to find widespread water damage in the membranes beneath
  • You’ve started to notice damage in your attic or upper floors, including a musty odor, rot, or mold

Balancing home repair problems you can solve on your own with those you should hire a trusted professional for can be tough. This article offers some invaluable tips to help you decide which option is best for your roof repair.