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Top 6 Ways Bim Structural Engineering Unlocking New Levels Of Creativity

Structural engineering firms are unlocking new levels of creativity with BIM services. Top structural engineering consultants along with top architect in DC are retaining business and winning over their competitors with BIM engineering . Using BIM 3D model, structural engineering companies facilitate data continuity and accuracy to let designers determine optimal designs. They are opting for the best BIM service providers in USA to get competent structural engineering services. Integrating structural engineering workflow with BIM, helps to automate the work process, taking structural services to the new level.

Bim Structural Engineering

Let’s check out the top 6 ways BIM facilitates structural engineering consultants in unlocking new heights of creativity:

BIM Helps Structural Engineering Firms Win More Work

Structural engineering consultants are using building information modeling for working on construction projects. As per market research, it is found that over 4 in 5 owners need or encourage BIM usage to bring an impact to the entire building project. Shifting from 2D drafting to 3D BIM model helps structural engineering firms to stand out in the bidding process, meet project mandates, and succeed to get more projects. Using 3D modeling based BIM workflow enables structural engineering consultants to support design and detailing processes, improve collaboration and reduce design conflicts and re-work.  Optimize your structural engineering services with structural BIM 3d models, and streamline your fabrication. Almost half of the structural engineering firms mention that they maintain repeat business through BIM, while over  40% say that the BIM services help them to market new business opportunities.

Connecting Structural Engineering Teams with BIM

Construction project team members are often separated by distance. Implementing BIM tools, structural engineers, designers, as well as the detailers are able to collaborate in a common data model, irrespective of their locations. This ensures that project team members have the most updated information, preventing clashes and rework, and supporting firms to meet accelerated deadlines. BIM 3d model based collaboration enhances communication between structural engineers and the extended project team. About 60% of contractors refer to multi-trade coordination as one of the top benefits of BIM structural engineering services. Structural Engineering Consultants are improving collaboration with the design team, and managing design changes accurately through BIM 3d model.

Collaborating Structural Design to Fabrication

Structural consultants taking the help of BIM service providers in USA are able to collaborate structural design to detailing for structural steel, precast concrete fabrication and Rebars. Consequently, the structural engineering firms are able to shorten project timelines. Availing structural BIM services help to accelerate the design and detailing process of the structural engineering consultants. BIM enables storing and processing of data in a centralized structural model data that can be easily transformed into machine files for fabrication. The streamlined approach of BIM structural engineering services reduces wastage and inefficiency on site, facilitating teams to design and detail structural constituents in less time, with reduced rework. In fact, around half of the AEC companies stated that BIM processes helped them to reduce project schedules and construction costs.

Iterating and Optimizing Structural Design with BIM

While designing in 2D, structural engineers face the limitations through time constraints and can explore just a few approaches. However, 3d BIM models make it easier to quickly analyze manifold options, arriving at an optimal design in less time. A rich BIM 3d model enables engineers to address competing design parameters, quickly test the feasibility and structural integrity of diverse options at the early stage of designing. This helps to amend structural models as per changes made to design, preventing costly errors during onsite construction.

Communicating Design Intent

2D drawings are often seen illegible, preventing project owners from completely understanding structural engineers’ works. This causes confusion, leading to delays and huge change orders in the later stage of the design process. Structural BIM services bring the project designs to life in 3D, allowing all project stakeholders the ability to visualize the intent of structural designing and engineering work. This is extremely significant when construction teams are working for erecting steel, precast concrete, or placing rebar on site. About 90% of the project owners state that BIM models enhance their ability to understand designs, and 70% say BIM tools improve their ability to plan construction.

Capturing Reality with As-Built Data in Structural Models

It is important for the structural engineering consultants to create structural BIM 3d models for renovation and retrofit projects, and accurate data creation on current sites. Incorporating reality capture tools like light detection and LiDAR, structural consultants are able to capture point clouds that provide comprehensive information about the existing built environment. Incorporating this data into the structural BIM model, structural engineers are able to create models to perfectly fit the project site.

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