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Wall Clocks – Sizes, Shapes, Framing and Personality

From the very beginning, ‘time’ has been crucial to mankind. The simple concept of distinguishing day and night is something that today we usually take for granted. Knowing the ‘time’ where we actually live is vital for many centuries, but as we leap into the global world, the time zones are very critical to many as well.


Most of us live by that clock, but today the choice we have for decorative and big clocks is far beyond the Sundial. Numerous sizes, shapes and framing tantalize how our personalities decide to provide us with both decorative and functional clocks. They range from several shapes of small to large clocks and multiple choices of framing. Big clocks fit some personalities, whereas the more contemporary suit others.


Decorative shapes and clocks – numerous to choose from – antique to sunburst look clocks. Some are round, some rectangular, some occasionally octagonal and some oval. Yet all make a statement in framing, color or in some cases frame less. Colors generally appear to bring in shades of black or red and gold in contemporary or traditional classic clocks. Check out The Big Clock Store for more details.



Small and large clocks – both can fit your style. The big clocks can be a focal point of your room and then you can decorate your room around it. Medium sized clocks can blend with other décor items that you have, but if well places can create a great ambiance. Smaller clocks, on the other hand, stand out on their own with brighter framing and bold colors.


Different textures are used for framing the clocks. Antique big clocks generally have that torn and tattered have and have a frame of distressed wood. Others generally use the metal, plastic, leather look or a composite of different materials. All can help bring an exclusive look to the wall clocks.


So how do you decide which clock to opt for from so many decorative and exclusive clocks? There are numerous stores that display a handful of clocks.  However, with the advent of technology, now you can try an alternative approach of buying clocks and avoid going from one store to another. Sit back at home and choose your preferred wall clock from the comfort of your home.