Want More Than Just Pretty Furniture? Looking For Something That Defines Your Taste? Whiskey Barrel Furniture It Is!

The Hungarian Workshop is the first and foremost all in one stop for the whiskey barrel furniture and home essentials that not only serves the purpose of decoration but promises so much more.

With a vast array and rich catalogue to choose from , the barrel furniture is all a house needs to transform into a cosy and luxurious home!

Made from the finest, most high quality and pristine retired whisky barrels the whiskey furniture is a collectors item for all the wine and whiskey lovers our there. Buy a piece to show the love  and passion for wine and whiskey. Scroll down to get amazed !

water-rum-keg-tables2.jpg (734×544)

Whiskey Barrel furniture is the real deal!

Organic? Absolutely

This type of furniture is recycling at its best. The large store of the out of use wine and whiskey carriers are carefully cleaned and treated before they go into artistic hands that turn a mere barrel into some thing fit for a king. All the products used in the production of the furniture are natural and high quality. Hence can be used for many years at hand.

Cosiest chairs ; a comfort with a class?

With absolutely the best possible mastery the chairs made from the whiskey barrels are not only an impressive article of furniture but their luxurious design and crafting add beauty to the destination where ever they reside. Made with a combination of American oaks these chairs are a keeper.

A Coffee addict? Make the whiskey barrel your partner.

The fine design and the sleek structure of the coffee table adds a ton of flavour not only to your coffee but to the living room as well. The detailing and the charred finish from wine treatment gives it the uniqueness that’s unmatched.

il_340x270.803562829_6y07.jpg (340×270)

Impressing your guests was never this easier.

Add the whiskey barrel Lounge chairs to your room, office or living room and let it speak for itself. The excellent design will showcase not only the crafter’s mastery but your exquisite taste. To add to the beauty the rose wood oil is carefully infused in the chairs to relax your senses with its aroma and finesse.

And if your want something extraordinary , the premium collection of separate table tops and easy chairs with shaved oak coupled with a modern design and charred finish are all that you need to add the oomph to your place.