The Common Roof Issues

Expect that issues on roofs, actually any part of the house in general, can happen, thus it is a must that you watch out for it and let it be repaired right away, and waiting will just lead you to larger issues.

Common Roof Issues

Below are few of the most common issues you might experience with your roof:

Moisture and leaks

This is one of the most common roof issues. Weather like the rain, wind, snow, hail, debris and ice can cause moisture. The moisture will get under the layers of your roofs, then will follow leaks to rots and molds.


Small animals, like birds and insects can bring a surprising damage to your roofs, you thought they are just small, but they sure can give your roofs with huge damage. It is best that you let them go or evict them, the soonest time possible.

Ponding water

Another sign of roof issues would be water that stands and ponds on your roofs. It is a must that you check on your gutters and drainage once any of these issues occurs. This problem can cause you and your family health problems as well.

Penetrations and punctures

Both hail and wind can cause your roofs damages. Punctures in roofing materials is one of the most common defect you can observe, the flashing and the sealant around pentrations, i.e, vents for your appliances,added after the entire roofing was completed must be checked.


Branches of trees that are hitting your roofs can cause your roofs damages, thus it is necessary that you cut them right away. These branches may fall on the roof thus creating more issues.


Another issueis roof shrinkage. This issue happens when the toof membrane shrinks, oftenly causing crazing in the upper layer of the roof. Ridging, splitting, blistering and surface erosions of shingles can lead to larger and uncontrollable problems.

What You Should Do?

Two things, first you need to contact a professional to fix any minor issues you observe. Neglecting this will lead you to problems that may come unmanageable, second, it is necessary that you require a regular roof maintenance to ensure that issues will get fixed before itoccurs. Maintenance is your best way to ensure that no roof issues will come your way unexpectedly.

For your ann arbor roofing issues, you need not to take chances, as the problem that issues you neglected may serve you something that you would regret.