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Why Is It Essential to Control or Eliminate Bees?


Have a problem with bees? Usually, these insects help the environment but can be dangerous to the people who live around their hive. In any case, the people who are most in danger are usually the most vulnerable, such as children, the elderly, or it can even be very dangerous for people allergic to bee stings.

Bees can attack in large numbers if their nest security is compromised. Some types of bees are more aggressive than others. As most of the nests are hidden, it is necessary to observe the bees’ flight in the late afternoon to be able to more accurately identify where the nest is.

At Bee Removal Brisbane (, they can offer you specific and safe solutions based on this pest’s behavior and biological cycle. Each stage of its development requires different control, for example, through the removal of nests, captures of queens, and priming to remove colonies, among others.

Remember that bees are a very protected species and that they cannot be treated. If you have a bee problem, search on the internet, bees pest control near me, and call the professional to get rid of them as early as possible.

Hazards with Bees and Wasps:

Bees and wasps are the most important pollinators of flowering plants, doing an indispensable task in the ecosystem. They also provide us with products such as honey, wax, propolis, etc.

Unfortunately, when it nests in the vicinity of areas inhabited by man, it becomes a potential danger. In different latitudes, it is the poisonous animals that cause the highest number of accidents in humans.

For this reason, in inhabited areas, it is considered a dangerous pest and must be controlled, either by moving the hive or, in the worst case, by fighting it.

Allergies and skin reactions:

After a bee or wasp sting, a skin reaction occurs that is generally of short duration, with redness and swelling around the sting site. It occurs with a diameter of less than 10 cm, pain more or less intense depending on the place followed by itching, lasting a few hours, although it can sometimes last longer.

These reactions generally appear between 24 and 48 hours after the bite.

They are responses of the tissues to the venom’s components with a high pharmacological and enzymatic power.

In individuals in good general health and not allergic to bee or wasp venom, it has been shown that 1 to 25 stings can be quite well tolerated.

When 200 to 300 simultaneous bites occur, a great intoxication of the whole organism occurs with characteristic disorders such as rapid pulse, seizures, paralysis, redness of the skin, and itchy scalp.

It also occurs feelings of fatigue and loss of balance, vomiting, redness of the eyes, and affections to the respiratory system. If you are suffering from any of these allergies or skin reactions, do not hesitate to search –”local bees pest control near me” and call the professional bees removal service.

Most bites occur in the summer months:

When these insects show more aggressiveness to defend their nests or hives, those with temperatures above 28 degrees Celsius and high humidity and even more when a storm is approaching.

It is estimated that 50% of bites occur during leisure time activities (sports, hunting, fishing, swimming pools, gardening, hiking, etc.), 40% during work (field, livestock, construction, etc.) 10% driving or riding in vehicles and 10% collecting honey.

These insects cause even more deaths in many countries than arachnids and snakes.

Hire only professional to get rid of them:

It is advisable NOT to tackle on your own. It is necessary to hire an expert in bee control, avoiding those stings that can cause a lot of damage. Search professional bee pest control near me and call the professional.

On the other hand, it is very common for people to relate wasps to bees and vice versa, but the problem is not to confuse them. The problem is the damage it can cause depending on the species. In turn, the treatments used for bees may be different if they are wasps, yet it is necessary to identify and especially know the insect to carry out one or another treatment.

At Bee Removal Brisbane (, they offer bee control services in Brisbane and its surroundings. Do not hesitate to contact them, and they assure you of professionalism and guarantee in all our services.