Energy Efficient Fans Under 40 W Available In The Market

Fans are an absolute necessity for any workplace or home space. Planning your bedroom space or even redecorating it, requires selection of the lighting and the fans. Since the devices are for the bedroom, these fans have to be as less noisy as they can, provide proper air circulation and be efficient in terms of saving electricity. Atomberg is one such place to buy best ceiling fan while planning your bedroom.

While aluminium core makes fans cheaper than those with copper ones, it also makes them inefficient. The aluminium core led to the consumption of about 70-80 Watts of electricity. But with more push for energy saving, the manufacturers increased copper content and manipulated the blade designs to achieve more efficient fans. The result was BEE 5 star rated fans with about 30-40 watts of power rating. The air delivery is about 210 to 225 m3/min. Given below are some efficient fans in the market with power rating below 40 watts.

  • Orient Electric: There are two models: Ecogale and Ecotech with the latter being the latest version. Both models have a speed of 320 rpm, power rating of 32 watts, air delivery capacity of 220 m3/min and 1200 mm sweep size. The cost for Ecogale lies in Rs. 4607-4850 while for the Ecotech model it lies in Rs 6507-6850.
  • Havells ES 40 3 Blade Ceiling Fan: The fan has a speed of 300 rpm, power rating of 40 watts, air delivery capacity of 210 m3/min and 1200 mm sweep size. The fan being one of the most branded ones has lesser availability on the market due to the company being more indulged in higher wattage fans.
  • Gorilla Energy Saving BLDC White Ceiling Fan: It is one of the most energy efficient ceiling fan with Smart Remote controlled system, Timer and Sleep Mode and lesser power wattage. The fan has a speed of 350 rpm, power rating of 28 watts, air delivery capacity of 220 m3/min and 1200 mm sweep size. The cost isRs. 3300.
  • SuperFan: This company is based in India and has three good models, the best among them being Super X1/X7. The fan has a speed of 385 rpm, power rating of 35 watts, air delivery capacity of 230 m3/min and 1200 mm sweep size. The cost lies in Rs. 2500-2900 varying from state to state.
  • Luxaire:  It is a new brand based in India. With only 30 Watts of power rating, the electricity saving is almost 60%. The blades are made of wood and a good 10-15 years’ warranty is offered on their motor. There are multiple sweep sizes with 175 rom speed. These are noiselessand are operated through the remote.
  • Orbit Greens: Orbit Green’s BL30 is the latest fan amongst all of the super-efficient fans. BL30 is a 1200 mm sweep fan . However other sizes are also available.

Atomberg, Orient, Havells are few of the companies which have come up with a target to reduce the power usage of our country drastically by decreasing the power usage in the device used regularly. Atomberg for instance came up with the idea and product gorilla fan which works on the BLDC motors and is really energy efficient, in fact the most energy efficient fan in the Indian markets.