10 Home Decorating Tips for your Home

10 Home Decorating Tips for your Home

Have you recently moved to a new home or bought international removals a new one? Whether you rent or you own, it’s always best to decorate your home well. A nice-looking home will feel cozier and welcoming to the guests. Although there are really no strict rules to decorate a home, you could use these effective tips.

1. Start with the Front Door

For a good first impression, either paint your front door red which is considered a lucky color in many cultures, or yellow and orange which are associated with warmth and joy. Always replace an outdated screen door.

2. Decorate Spaces With Plants

Simply adding a couple of plants or a plant to your home can make it look alive and welcoming. You may choose to have a cactus or succulents either on your nightstand, side table or bookshelf.

3. Style Your Bookshelf

You may arrange your book by colors, horizontally or vertically. Add different accessories on each bookshelf. Also, it’s best to have a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf to maximize living spaces.

4. Keep it Light and Neutral

If you want to be flexible about decorating your home, go with neutral wall colors. This way you can easily switch things up. Smaller rooms may have the same neutral colors to make them look bigger.

5. Opt for Soap Dispensers

They look classy and beautiful. So instead of using soap in their original packaging, consider buying pretty bottles for your bathroom and kitchen.

6. Fake Height

The trick here is to create strong verticals. Consider buying large mirrors to add scale to a living room or bedroom. For the furniture, opt for those relatively low to the ground to make the entire room appear taller.

7. Have Plenty of Natural Light in your Home

Consider having floor to ceiling glass windows to let the sun in. Or you can have larger windows. Then go with lighter colors that don’t fade and fabrics such as silk and linens.

8. Show off Investment Pieces

If you’re into buying antiques or any unique finds, put them on display. The entire room will look more attractive with your loved furniture pieces.

9. Invest in a Good Sofa

A comfortable and well-made sofa is good for the home. Just make sure they match the color of your walls. Also, buy some beautifully-painted throw pillows for the sofa.

10. Mix Tableware

Although they can be a little expensive, a lovely set of antique china will go well when matched with silverware. Also, consider having a bench in your dining room for a cozy feel. Mix them up – a bench and a few identical-looking chairs.

Experiment with Different Styles

Having a guideline will give you a starting point on how to decorate your home. However, it’s always best to keep exploring and follow your intuition. If you don’t know what colors match well, use the Color Wheel as your guide.

Since it’s almost Christmas, perhaps it’s time to decorate your home with Christmas decors! And don’t forget to make your own photo Christmas cards to give out to family members and friends. Happy decorating!