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10 Things To Consider For Painting The Entire Home All By Yourself

Do you really think you can do it? 9 out of 10 times people will hire a professional painting service to paint your house. But, if you’re courageous enough to take the matters in your hand, go ahead and try to lock the bull in the cellar.

You may want to read a number of blog posts, because your house Persuasive has a lot of places and spaces with minute details. Well this post will give you an overview of the basic things you should consider while painting it.

These are some tips from to help you out.

Kitchen Is the Most Important Place

You can start from, or finish to, any place of the house, but professional painting company in Toronto recommends that you should start from the kitchen. Kitchen is the main place of the house and it’s surely going to be used throughout the painting task. So, better take the admiration from there and spread it everywhere from interiors to exteriors.

It’ll also solve the problem of the matching theme of the house.

Pay Attention to The Bathrooms

Secondly, paint the bathrooms. There must have been at least three bathrooms (or may be two) in your house, so that’ll releive you a little bit. You can always decide about the main job later.

Have You Decided About the Ceiling?

Don’t leave the ceilings white. Be creative and ask your family about the colors. Children would ideally choose bright colors for their room ceilings. Then your spouse would tell her choice too.

What Colors Your Walls Will Have

With these tasks done, begins the important one – the walls. Divide the interior into three phases:

Living Room

Bed room

Passage or lobby

Then decide the wall colors accordingly.

Colorful Living Room Vs Traditional Living Room

Starting with the living room, it’s upto you to either go for bright colors or the dul ones. At the same time, you have to decide about the lightings and items that are going to occupy the walls (cabinets, shelves and wall paintings).

The Bedroom Theme

Personalize your bedroom and make it the best place on earth. Play with colors and be creative. At the same time, think about the equipment that will match the colors of the room.

The Lobby or The Passage

Most of the time, the lobby is ignored and we tend to hang unnecessary number of pictures to hide the cracks and damages on the walls. Be very careful about it. Make your lobbies lively and colorful to give a welcoming feeling to guests.

houseinterior.jpg (548×272)

The Exterior (Front of the House)

Choose the right colors for the exterior of the house. A professional painting company Toronto recommends textured colors for the walls. The roofs should be heat repellant and can withstand weather changes.

The Garage (and Pool)

Don’t forget about the back of the house. Give it a touch of bright colors, because garage is a messy place already. A bright color would make it look cleaner.

Professional Painter

Last, but not the least, you can hire a professional and get the job done in a limited amount of time.