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20 Reasons Why You Need a Rug in Your Life


A rug is a flooring foundation that can elegantly transform your entire space! Rugs can change the entire look and appeal of your room, and not only that, rugs have an array of benefits-from adding warmth to your living space to reducing noise. The Rug Shop UK hosts an array of rugs for sale that can entirely transform your living space. Read on to know why your need a rug in your life



Comfort is key when you’re furnishing your home. Rugs provide you with the simplest ways in which you can add comfort and luxury to your home. You can create a comfortable, cushioned surface by adding a thick, soft rug, especially on a wooden or tiled floor. For added comfort, lay wool rugs for their added comfort and softness.

Brighten a Dark Room

Nowadays, dark hardwood or laminate floors are a contemporary option for your home. Although these type of floorings can drain a lot of light from the rooms, especially the ones without corridors. In such spaces to create the best concoction of airiness and richness, try laying runner rugs in lighter tones that will help in breaking up such type of dark flooring.

Change Colour Theme


Rugs add a soft, comfortable feel to your feet. Rugs can add to a room in several ways. Rugs can not only divide a room, but create a theme, can be repositioned or completely removed, or can be replaced in exchange for other rugs on an impulse.

Enhance Your Décor

Interior designing and decorating trends are forever changing; however certain decorating elements tend to remain evergreen. For instance, Rugs will always remain in trend! A rug tends to add a lot of excitement and character to your living space. If you want to anchor a room, add warmth to it, define it or help layer a room’s interior décor, a rug is the best option for you.

Adds Character Statement


Rugs are a flooring foundation for your home and add a pop of colour, texture, and pattern. Rugs have innumerable options in terms of appearance such as texture, colour, the pattern which means it provides countless design possibilities. If you want timeless solo statements for your living space, go for classic styles and colours such as lower-pile neutrals. You can provide a great canvas for your room by layering a rug or two over your carpet.

Looks Inviting to Visitors

The entryway or entrance hall is the space between your outdoors and your well-designed home but it’s not quite easy to decorate and style. This is especially true for rugs because decorating your entryway carefully amalgamates the natural elements and style of your home.

Increase Safety


Rugs are known for cushioning our footsteps, preventing slips and falls, and reducing any injuries when accidental falls occur. Rugs help in providing safety and protection to your entire family, especially for toddlers or senior citizens.

Cover Imperfections

If your flooring has some sort of imperfections such as cracked tiles, an easy way to fix would be laying a rug over it to hide that imperfection. Make sure to use rugs that blend well with the rest of your décor.

Tie Open space together


Open floor plans have become increasingly popular among homeowners all over the globe. The open concept helps in making your living space feel more spacious and allows more flexibility for interior décor. Although, having such a large space needs definition and rugs are a must-have for that purpose. One of the easiest ways to coordinate several rugs is to have them match. This separates the spaces while adding synchronization to your interior décor.

Hassle-less cleaning

Rugs are quite easy to maintain. Regular vacuuming, once a week, can help in maintaining your rug looking fresh and new, as vacuuming easily removes dust and dirt. You can also hang your rug outside or on a balcony to beat it.

Protect Wood Flooring


Using a rug can prove to be the best way of dealing with scratches and other damages caused, plus it serves as an awesome decorative piece. Rugs can help in preventing those scrapes and dings on your oh-so-attractive wooden floors. It also provides a protective barrier against foot traffic, furniture legs, and pets all the while adding a classy oomph to your floor.

Layering Rugs

You can make your space more defined by adding a smaller rug on top of a larger one. This is helpful for studios and living spaces with an open floor plan. Your space will appear larger if you create smaller areas within your room. Layering a small rug in the centre of the room helps in grounding the space and giving it a definition.

Noise Reduction


With a help of laying a rug you can muffle the noise of the footsteps, or noise of your kid’s playing around, bouncing their toys, you can even block the noise of heavy music blasting through your elder one’s room.

Grounding Aspect

Rugs help in grounding the entire space. If you properly lay a rug, it helps in anchoring all the furniture in your room which ultimately creates a cosy, chic space. Your room should be large enough so that all the furniture pieces are sitting on your rug, or at least have their front legs on the rug.

Artwork for your floor


Modern rugs look more like paintings, ranging from wiggly stripes to washes, squiggles to brushstrokes, doodles, bold abstracts, prints, and sketches. Rugs portray a work of art, one that is specially designed to be walked on.


The soft and luxurious feel of a rug bestows your feet with a toe-caress feeling. Whether you are walking barefoot or in slippers, a rug helps your feet in keeping warm, especially during the winter season.

Anchors Furniture


You can use a rug to define areas in your home or separate them such as dining areas, foyers, or seating areas. If you are the owner of a studio apartment, defining areas with rugs can be especially useful for a large room that needs definition and character.


A rug traps the dust particles and allergens in their fibres until you vacuum them out; hence it prevents the dust particles to float in the environment and keeps them out of your breathing air.



Rugs help in adding pattern, colour, and texture to your room while creating a visual interest that elegantly reflects your personality and style. Rugs are both practical and functional art pieces for your home that not only defines the mood but also adds character to a room.

Crafts a Feature

You can create a focal point for your living space by simply rotating your rugs. Placing rugs at a certain angle will create a bold style statement and add movement to your space. Just make sure that your base rug is slightly bigger to make the diagonal arrangement work perfectly.

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