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Contents Restoration Service Parker Colorado

Contents restoration

When disaster strikes, it’s no longer merely the constructing that’s affected but additionally the contents. That’s why we perform a contents recovery department to repair materials broken by fire, smoke and water. We additionally repair items suffering from mould damage.

By successfully restoring contents, we do now not most straightforward keep items of sentimental cost, however also conserves coverage limits, making price range to be had for other aspects of the recuperation.

At Contents Restoration Service Parker Colorado We help in all kinds of restoration which include your contents and personal property. When catastrophe strikes and your private home has been broken by hurricane, flood, hearth, smoke, water or mould damage, we will start the manner of recovering all of your valuables. The maximum proactive preliminary step you can take to save your valuables is to get in touch with Contents Restoration services Parker Colorado

Contents Restoration provider Parker, Colorado is a pacesetter within the Water Damage Restoration and Fire Damage Restoration industry, presenting expert Contents Pack-Out, Storage and Cleaning services. Our professionally educated crews are certified by way of the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) and supply contents recovery services you could agree with to restore your belongings to pre-loss circumstance. Contact us today for content, water and fireplace damage restoration.

Contents Restoration Services

  • Furniture Restoration
  • Upholstery Restoration
  • Wood Furniture Restoration
  • Leather Restoration
  • Electronics Restoration
  • Documents Restoration
  • Garage Contents

Contact us today to begin the contents restoration process, and your contents will be restored based on item value and insurance coverage. We work directly with your insurance adjuster to process your claim for restoring and replacing your contents. We also perform emergency water damage restoration with a complete structural water damage inspection, including water removal and cleanup to minimize the structural repairs. Restoration services for your property and content claims are completed as one restoration job and directly billed to your insurance company.

Contents Estimate – Property Estimate – Inspection – Direct Insurance Billing

Contents Restoration Process

Our process involves carefully recovering and securing your residential or commercial belongings that have been damaged by water, mould, smoke or fire. We then safely transport your contents to our secure restoration facility where we salvage, clean and restore your belongings to pre-loss condition.

Contents Pack-Out, Storage and Cleaning

  • Select Contents to be restored
  • Transport Valuables to Restoration Content Facility
  • Clean Contents using Dilworth Specialized Cleaning Method
  • Deodorize Contents – Remove Smoke Odors
  • Repair Contents such as Furniture and Electronics
  • Restore Items using Contents Restoration Method
  • Store Belongings in Climate-Controlled Facility
  • Deliver Contents after Restoration is Complete
  • Contents Restoration Cleaning & Drying Methods

Cleaning and Drying Method in contents restorations include:

Air Drying, Cryogenic Drying (Freeze Drying), Vacuum Freeze-Drying, Dehumidification Drying (Desiccant Drying), High-Saturation Ozone Washing

 Contents We Restore

Our Professional Contents Team can Clean, Repair, Rebuild and Restore:

Furniture – Antiques – Collectibles – Custom Items

Books – Multimedia – Photos – Memorabilia

Dishes – Crystal – Glassware – Silverware – Pots & Pans

Electronics – Computers – Precision Equipment – CDs/DVDs

Artwork – Ceramics – Oil on Canvas – Wood – Stone – Metal

Our thorough and accurate process utilizes the latest contents restoration technology and includes Full pack out, including itemization, cataloging and carefully packing belongings and transporting them to our fully secure and climate-controlled facility.

Contents processing using our state-of-the-art processing line.