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Digital Antennas and How They Work For You

Countries around the globe are making the switch from analogue to digital television. With this change, you can now access free-to-air channels and binge watch your favourite shows. If this is the first time you’re seriously considering making the switch, there might be a lot of questions swirling in your mind.

Will I need to throw out my analogue TV? What are digital antennas? Who will install my TV and antenna?

Cutting the cord

First off, you do not need to throw out your analogue TV. If it is still in perfect condition, all you need is a digital tv antenna and set top box. This will already allow you to view shows on Freeview.

Digital antennas come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. They also come under other names such as HD or HDTV antennas but they receive the same picture and sound quality. These antennas have varying range capacities that depend on your specific requirements.

For a newbie like you, here are some top things to keep in mind about digital antennas and how they can benefit you:

1. Antennas = free channels

After paying a minimal fee for your antenna, you will now get complimentary access to local channels.

Australia has a free digital television service called Freeview which has over 25 channels, and catch-up services. With Freeview, you can view free-to-air content on whichever device and whenever you want.

This saves you from extra entertainment costs because you won’t really need to subscribe to cable television anymore if your favourite shows can already be enjoyed on free TV.

2. Clearer picture

With the use of digital antennas, you can experience better reception. An antenna will give you uncompressed HD which will give you better visual clarity.

Digital aerials can also help you get rid of those fuzzy, scratchy, or pixelated visuals that you normally get with analogue antennas.

3. Ready for any weather

Storms have a way of knocking out your viewing pleasure when on cable; but with digital antennas, this is less likely to happen. With digital television, you can still get the latest news and weather information that will keep you informed and ensure your loved ones are safe.

Digital antennas can also keep you hooked up with your local TV stations even if the air is stormy outside.

4. Perfect streaming partner

With free programs already available with the help of your antenna, you can simply add a streaming service to watch the shows that are not available on Freeview.

You can tailor a cost-efficient entertainment package that only includes shows that you watch from third-party on demand or live streaming services.

Now that you have a good idea on what digital antennas are and what advantages they offer, here are a couple of useful tips that can help you choose the best antenna:

1. Location matters

You have to remember that the best antenna setup also depends on where you are located.

Digital TV makes use of “line of sight” signals. Any obstructions like big trees, hills, or buildings that go between your antenna and the broadcast tower can affect the reception that you get. The more obstructions there are, the weaker the signal can be, so it is best to place your antenna at the clearest and most unobstructed area to get optimum results.

Normally, outdoor installation gets the best results because the higher the antenna, the clearer the reception.

2. Opt for professional services

Much like hiring a skilled gardener to maintain a healthy, blooming garden, you would also benefit from hiring a professional company to take care of your antenna installation.

Your local antenna technician will be able to help you find the best location for your antenna, whether the intended placement is indoor or outdoor. Their expertise will aid you in ensuring that your antenna will still function properly in the event of a storm or heavy rains so you can still enjoy uninterrupted viewing.

A team of installation experts can also conduct an obligation-free quote after assessing your digital aerial needs. On top of that, leading antenna installation companies can also help you with mounting your telly, hiding messy cables, and tuning your stations.

The convenience and safety that you get (because you don’t need to go up the roof to install your antenna) will surely make you sigh with relief. It is always better to leave such work to the professionals who have been trained to expertly handle such tasks.

Sit back, relax, and watch TV

Knowing all about digital antennas, the benefits they offer, and the topmost tips can help you enjoy your viewing experience to the hilt. With the advantages a digital antenna can bring into your entertainment life, you will never regret cutting the cord and switching to digital.