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A Glimpse On Popular Siding Material Options!

In this age of technology and modifications, there has been much advancement in the manufacturing and installation methods for construction purposes. There are a number of material options available in the market which can enhance the look of your house and get rid of the old worn out finish. Siding contractor in Ann Arbor Michigan can also give you advice about the material you can choose that fits your budget. Some of the common materials used for siding of homes are;

Brick Siding:

Brick material has been used since ages to decorate the walls. Unlike vinyl siding, brick is a strong and enduring material, which does not require any insulation or maintenance. According to Ray Leonhard, the CEO of BIA (Brick Industry Association) “Fired clay brick is the greenest building material made in America, and is made from abundant natural resources,”. It may have an initial high cost, but can last for generations like the Indus Valley Civilization.

Vinyl Siding:

Vinyl siding is a type of siding made from a plastic type material. It is probably the least in cost; has easy maintenance and is easily available in thousands of colors often at many home improvement stores. It is one of the types which have become extremely popular in the United States owing to its versatility. You can even install it yourself, just make sure to follow instructions from manufactures or watch online videos.

Stone or Veneer Siding:

Granite and Limestone are natural stone material which gives the most beautiful finish to a house, adapting to almost every type of climate and lasting for ages. However, it is probably the most expensive type of siding as it also does not need maintenance. A less expensive and lighter type is veneer siding, which is a man-made pigmented stone material, giving a stone like finish and available in variety of styles. Minor maintenance by cleaning regularly can ensure that it lasts for a long time.

Wooden Siding:

Wooden siding seems to very popular for people who like the wooden finish to give a homely touch to their houses getting inspired from life in the woods. It gives a beautiful appearance to the house, but requires regular maintenance. Moreover, you need to make sure that it has termite proofing and water proofing insulation installed behind it. Because of maintenance issues, its use has declined to total of 5% in the siding market.