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Practical Ideas That Solve Your Shoe Storage Dilemmas

Tired of digging through that pile of shoes to find the pair that you think may be in there somewhere? Find yourself frustrated because you’re constantly tripping over a haphazard pile of boots? Then it’s definitely time for some practical shoe storage solutions.


Coming home after a long and harried day can be such a relief. And it’s sure tempting to fling off your shoes or boots the moment you walk through the door and leave them laying there till the next time you want to wear them, right? We’ve all been there. But doing so pretty much ensures that that pile will just keep growing and growing and become more and more daunting to corral. Setting up a system will help bring organization that’s nearly effortless.

Place adjustable shoe shelves along the walls; you can color code them for various family members and shoe types.

Mount boards with pegs along the walls for smaller shoes; longer pegs can hold boots.

Install a narrow bench with a lid that flips up to reveal hidden storage.

Place large baskets or metal bins on wheels along the walls. Label each so that anyone can tell at a glance what goes where.

If your entranceway includes a closet, dedicate one part of that closet to hanging up your boots, which can take up loads of space if left to lollygag on the entranceway floor. You can also keep aforementioned baksets / bins neatly tucked away inside that closet.

If you live in a particularly rainy or snowy climate, repurpose an old baking or cookie tray with raised sides as a dedicated spot for rain or snow boots. The raised sides will keep any moisture from seeping out onto your floor or carpet.

Under The Bed.

If you keep the bulk of your shoe collection in your bedroom, the space under your bed can be a great place for a large volume of shoes. Figure out what the optimal height of shoe containers will fit under there. You can purchase multiple containers and organize the contents by type of shoe: Gymshoes, evening, casual. Plastic is a good option to quickly see what’s what. If you’re storing seasonal shoes under the bed, make sure that whatever containers you purchase have good seals on them. Or, you can repurpose suitcases that you’re not using and not going to be using anytime soon: Open them up and place shoes into both sides if the suitcase opens in the middle. Or, fold back the top and place multiple pairs of shoes inside.

Doors Aren’t Just For Going In and Out.

The backs of doors are an often unused storage space. If your bedroom has multiple doors and you have lots of pairs of shoes, you can organize them all by type and then purchase over-the-door shoe storage that best fits your lifestyle and budget. Or, make your own with a simple Do-It-Yourself project: Securely mount a pegboard, and then attach S-hooks through the holes. Hook flip-flops, flats, and pumps onto the hooks. If you have lots of accessories and haven’t figured out a good place for these yet, the pegboard can also have spots for these – and you can mix and match different accessories with shoes to come up with fun and unexpected new combinations.

Inside the Closet.

Store your boots on a hanging boot rack instead of on the floor and you’ll free up a bunch of space – plus you’ll be taking better care of those boots once they’re not creased up and crumpled.

Install adjustable shoe shelves and adjust them to best fit your closet’s width and height. These come in a multitude of materials – from cool and sleek metals to cedar, which will offer additional bug/moth repellant features, and give off a nice scent to help keep your shoes – and closet – fresh.