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How Onsite Storage for Apartments Saves Money

There are numerous benefits to adding on-site storage to your apartment property, like the added security to the property, the added design and value, and most importantly, putting money back in your pocket every month. Storage for apartments is a highly sought-after amenity for renters, especially in densely populated city areas. Studies show that apartment renters can be willing to pay upwards of $100 a month for safe and secure on-site storage, which goes directly back into your pocket monthly. If you choose a storage solution that offers privacy, security, and safety, after some time the storage units effectively pay for themselves. However, it’s important to note that not all storage units are created equally, and if you fall for the pitfall of a lower quality storage solution that compromises safety for costs, the investment may backfire. Let’s dive a little deeper into these pitfalls and why safety is so important in storage. 

Avoid Wire Mesh 

Wire mesh storage units lure property owners in with seemingly lower prices, in exchange for lesser security, little to no privacy, and a complete lack of safety. The wire mesh provides no coverage or protection from the surroundings of the storage unit and leaves the renters’ belongings out in the open and vulnerable to wandering eyes and thieves passing by. The lack of coverage also allows for dirt, debris, insects, and anything else small enough to make its way through the mesh to easily infiltrate and cover the renter’s belongings. When tenants don’t feel the available storage is safe or secure, they are far less likely to use it and pay the monthly rental fee for it. This essentially backfires the investment, making the storage facilities sit empty and unrented. Wire mesh units also tend to have a messy look to them, the little privacy means all of your renters’ belongings are on full display whether they are tentative about having a neat and organized unit, or not. Potential future renters value the appearance and aesthetic of properties they are looking into renting, and the look of wire mesh storage stands out like a sore thumb. Don’t fall for the fallacy of lower prices with wire mesh, when there are plenty of higher quality storage options at the same price point that doesn’t compromise on safety and privacy. 

On-Site Storage is a Win-Win

There are so many benefits for on-site storage for apartments, reaching both the tenants and the property owner. When renters don’t have safe and secure designated storage bins, they can resort to storing unneeded extra items in hallways, patios, and other shared areas. This can cause a safety hazard and inconvenience for other tenants in the area when they have to carefully maneuver around these stored items. This can also make the overall appearance of your property look unkempt, unorganized, and generally messy. This is not a good look for potential future renters, or for existing tenants in the surrounding areas. Installing sleek and secure storage facilities for your renters can help keep your grounds clean and organized, and make it a safe and attractive place for all. When you offer high-quality, trustworthy storage for your tenants, they get an easily accessible safe, and secure designated space to stow away extra items when they don’t need them, close enough to quickly get to them when they do. The monthly storage rental fee puts money straight back into your pocket, and overtime these storage units effectively pay for themselves. It’s a true win-win for both the renter and property owner, and there is a perfect storage solution out there for your property.