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Loft Beds A Beginners Guide

I worked in a one stop bed shop in Bradford in the UK for 24 years, before opening my own store, where there is currently a divan bed sale now on, so have plenty of experience when it comes to knowing the different types of beds. In this article, I will discuss the basics of loft beds.

The only criteria which a bunk bed must meet in order to be called a loft bed is that the actual mattress must be raised more than 3 ft. from the ground. But enough about the semantics of terminology, chances are if you’ve found this article all you want to know is what the known benefits are of using them , what varieties are available and how much you should expect to pay for them. This post delivers all this and even advises you on a few places you might care to look to find loft beds for adults and kids.

Uses of loft beds

Many people associate bunk beds with children, it is easy to see why, most families opt to use these beds when they have multiple kids in order to save floor space. But many people fail to realise that loft beds can be used by all people, they are especially prominent in youth hostels where using up every last bit of floor space as efficiently as possible is vital. The benefits of using these beds is fairly evident, you’re utilizing space you wouldn’t usually have access to in order to save floor space, the idea is brilliant. What’s more, many of these beds feature desks underneath the top mattress making these beds practical even when there’s only one person staying in a room.

Varieties of bunk beds

Let’s take a look at some of the different varieties which are on the market;

Bunk Beds feature two beds one on top of the other, whilst in the majority of cases, both mattresses are similar in size this needn’t always be the case. Often times the mattress at the bottom will be a 4ft or double bed.

L shaped bunk beds

L shaped bunk beds are often made up of two or three individual beds which are attached in the shape of an L see diagram below. The added benefit of using these beds is not only done you have the opportunity to fit 3 people in them, but often times space is also available under one mattress to store a desk or storage cabinet. These are a great solution for odd-shaped rooms where you have no choice but to try and fit all the beds in a corner. The only downside to these beds is that they are fairly large units and can take up a lot of space.

Kids loft beds

Kids loft beds are also very popular; these can be much more expensive than regular beds of this kind because you’re often paying for the brand or character associated with the theme. These beds can take the form of space ships, buses or dens.