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What You Need To Know About Electric Fireplaces

Add warmth and beauty to your home or apartment with an electric fireplace. As an additional piece to your home, it generates a cozy, warm, intimate, and luxurious atmosphere. Nowadays, electric fireplaces are available in hundreds of models, sizes and styles. Usual options would be traditional to modern looking. Choose from free-standing electric stoves, mantels, or media consoles. You could also put as an option a more popular preference of electric logs inserted to fit and existing gas or wood fireplace.

Why Consider an Electric Fireplace?

The feeling of watching dancing flames is just one. Having the power to control the dancing flames’ intensity is another. Electric fireplaces are also thermostatically controlled and the embers are adjustable for your day or night setting.

As an advantage of electric fireplaces, they do not require chimneys and remodelling for installation, they are also often portable (depends on the product of your preference itself). They are not just economical but are very much safer and more convenient.

Dimplex fireplaces in Toronto offer you the best of the best electric fireplaces available. Dimplex is one of the leading brands, staying on top of the industry, of electric fireplace manufacturers in Toronto. They make every effort to provide excellence in their products, especially regarding the quality.

DimplexOptiMyst Open Hearth Electric Fireplace Log Insert

This is the first of its kind as an example from Dimplex. Be stunned by how real the flame effects seem to appear. The logs sit upon an authentic metal log for added realism. A remote is available to for your adjustment and control preferences anytime you would like. Dimplex’ revolutionary ultrasonic technology created smoke effects simply by adding water. The placement of each log may be customized depending on how you would like it be presented with your personal look.

Dimplex Traditional Electric Stove

It is one of the free-standing stoves. It features tinted glass that remains cool to the touch so it’s safer for use around children and friends. It features a realistic looking log set that sits on top of glowing embers. It comes in fully assembled. Thermostatically adjusted also. It’s meant to look like a traditional burning stove, but as an advantage, there is little maintenance like any other electric fireplace since there’s no mess with the burnt logs, no hassles with starting and putting out the fire.

Those are just 2 sample products, with so many great options to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect fireplaces that would best suit your space. With the up to date styles and trends the company’s fireplaces has to offer, the electric fireplaces may not be just a welcome to conversations that would spark, but they can be such a beautiful addition and focal point to one’s space.