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Why Organic New Zealand Wool Is Used To Make Oriental Rugs

When shopping for an oriental rug for the home, choosing the highest quality product that is made with the best materials is smart if you want to make a good investment. A high quality oriental rug is a work of art, and the type of wool that is made to construct the rug will affect the cost and quality.

There are many types of materials that you can look for when choosing a rug, but choosing a rug that is composed of New Zealand wool is best. This type of wool is ideal for oriental rugs because it’s durable, soft, and easy to work with. Here are some of reasons why New Zealand wool has these desirable characteristics.

Geography and Topography

Part of the reason the wool is so soft and long is because of the location of New Zealand, and because of the high elevation. The wool is thick and strong, because it has to protect the sheep from the harsh weather conditions in the higher altitude. The sheep’s body grows this fur to keep it warm during the cold winters and dry during heavy rainfalls, so the wool is durable and prepared for the traffic and use it will get in your home. The wool sees some of the toughest conditions before its shaved and used for the rug, so it’s already been tested to be strong.

Diet and Nutrition

The wool of sheep from New Zealand is known for being very smooth, silky, long and easy to work with. With the heavy rainfall and lush greenery for the sheep to feed off, it’s easy for the sheep to get enough nutrients and to stay hydrated, and to create healthy wool to use in the rugs. The sheep are being fed a natural and healthy diet, which will reflect in their coat, and helps the wool grow longer than most other wools. The longer the hairs, the easier it is to create an oriental rug, and the stronger the rug will be.

Value and Reputation

The value of the rug is set based on the quality of the materials used in the rug, along with the style, size, and patterns or colors. If you want to make an investment with your purchase, then choosing a rug with New Zealand wool is best. If you want to sell the rug in the future, your potential buyers will want to know if it’s made from high quality and desirable wool like New Zealand sheep wool. When you have the rug assessed, an appraiser will feel the rug fibers and determine the type of wool so they can appraise the rug. You don’t want to buy a cheaper material to use in your home, and then find out later on that your rugs aren’t worth the cost you paid.

The rugs are supposed to look good, feel soft and supportive, and look great in your home. When you are shopping for oriental rugs for your property, you want to see certification that the rugs are composed with high quality New Zealand sheep wool, so you know you aren’t wasting the money that you spend. Valuable rugs not only can improve the value of your home if they are sold with the property, but they are an asset that can be passed down between generations in the future.

If you are debating if buying a real wool rug is worth the cost, find a dealer and assess the value of the product. You get a great rug that compliments your home, and you get a valuable asset for your portfolio at the same time.