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Polyester Strapping Tools For Packaging Your Products Perfectly

Polyester straps do not break easily as they have good tensile strength.  They elongate well and pack items finely. The same make it a highly demanded product. Your industry might be using polyester strapping systems vastly for packaging needs. Buying polyester strapping tools help you much in that case. Otherwise it will be very difficult to do the manual packaging. Not only more effort has to be put but also much time will be consumed for polyester strapping done without any tools.

There are many tools that can be used for flawless polyester strapping. The three main tools used hugely are:

  1. Tensioners
  2. Sealers
  3. Gripper polyester seals

Fine polyester strapping materials can be brought from Polyester Strapping supplier in Malaysia. They are used now not only in Malaysia but also in many other countries (including India). Browsing the net helps you in finding the nearest polyester strapping supplier. Most of them supply polyester strapping tools too. Let us take a detailed look on the various polyester strapping tools mentioned above.


The tensioners are used to create appropriate tension while strapping so that the items packed cannot move from its place. The polyester straps are taken around the items to be packed or the package to be sealed as the first step. The second step is ensuring enough tension of the polyester strap by using the tensioner. The tensioner tool provides you a space where you can cut the excess strap. Use tensioner and ensure no extra space is left while packaging to keep the packaged items intact by restricting their movement.


Sealers are used on gripper polyester seals to seal the polyester strap properly. It prevents the polyester straps loosing its grip on the items packed inside – by holding the straps tight enough together. The process of sealing the straps using sealers keeps the packed items immovable inside the straps (unless the seal is removed or dismantled) and therefore ensures a perfect delivery of your packed products.

Gripper polyester seals

Gripper polyester seals are used for sealing the polyester strapping system well with the help of sealers. Or in other words; the sealers work on this gripper polyester seals for sealing packages or items well. The gripper polyester seals are removed (once the package is delivered to the client) for taking the packaged items outside for use.

Points to be taken care while purchasing polyester strapping tools

There are few points to be noted while buying polyester strapping tools. The points to be remembered are:

  1. The seal size must match the polyester strap width
  2. The tools (tensioner & sealer) used should be compatible with the seal size

How to ensure efficient polyester strapping process via polyester strapping tools

Measure the width of the polyester strap before ordering polyester strapping tools. Order the size (width) compatible tensioner, seals and sealers for ensuring efficient strapping. Take the polyester strap around the package or items to be sealed. Use the tensioner for offering enough tension (after placing the polyester strap properly in it – one portion inside the cutter area for segmenting the polyester strap after sealing). Seal polyester strap using gripper polyester seals & sealer. Remove the tensioner after putting pressure on it for cutting the excess portion of the polyester strap. Following the above instructions ensures an efficient polyester strapping process.

You can gather good polyester strapping tools from Polyester Strapping Tool manufacturers in India. Use separate set of tools for each differently sized polyester strapping system. Customer is the king of any business! Satisfy your customers by delivering products without any damage via professional strapping. Efficient strapping – of products to be delivered – is in turn ensured via the use of polyester strapping tools mentioned above.