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Several Things Which For A Professional Carpet Cleaner

The reason a customer’s contact warrington carpet cleaners is that our experience, and carpet care process is well established which I have seen discussed on facebook and other social media platforms. Having trained with the Ncca and IICRC who are the industry standard carpet cleaner trainers.

So how would we go about cleaning your carpets. Let me go through our process. And just as an indication. We have known carpet cleaners to clean a carpet in 20 minutes from turning up on site for a standard room of 15ft by 12ft.

We survey the carpet. We need to understand the fibre and construction of your carpet.

The survey will help decide if your carpets is to be cleaned using the hot water system or the dry cleaning system. This takes only a few minutes. Better to be safe.

As we are taking you through this process and the majority of our carpet cleans are HWE this is what I will continue with.


This is the first part of the cleaning process. We use a very powerful machine with rotating brushes.  When we hoover a standard room it will take us around 5 minutes to hoover. We hoover like the compass, North, South, East, and West. Hoovering a carpet this way will ensure that all loose soil,sand, grit won’t go into our carpet cleaning machine.

The correct chemical is applied to the carpet in again compass application.

5/ Using our agitation machine we massage the chemical application into all the fibres. This gives us the best possible chance to ensure that your carpets are given the deep clean required.

 Our carpet cleaning machine is set up.

Normally I start in the right hand corner. Working right to left with cleaning strokes normally 6-10 inches depending on the dirt level. The psi on the machine is normally set at 300, however we have the opportunity to increase this if needed to 800psi. Also we have an option to turn the heater on should we need to.

 The carpet clean is complete.

We check again for any marks.

The carpet is combed

This is a special brush which is used to take out all the wand marks and pull the fibres into the same direction.

Doing the above to a room of 15ft x 12ft takes us normally 45 minutes. That’s nearly double the time of other cleaners. We are slower, more careful, and achieve the best results possible. And most of all we have a happy customer. We ask our customers to add any comments they want to the survey records.

Remember always talk to established Warrington carpet cleaners for the best possible advice.