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Things To Know Before Going For That Dream Log House

A log home in a serene place with no one to disturb is no doubt one of the top ideas while fulfilling that American Dream. However, log cabin homes seem simple to build but there are many necessary precautions that are to be taken and there is knowledge that should be taken into consideration while building them. Here are some of the things that you should consider before building a home:


Wood, needless to say requires proper maintenance as it has the tendency to crack or twist or warp or shrink or rot based on the environmental conditions and the level of maintenance. So, it is always suggestible to go for a professional log home Solutions Company like to ensure that all the problems associated to wood are sorted out. They can help in planning the maintenance and give any instructions required during special cases.


In a log home there is great comfort as there is little chance for the wood to lose heat significantly and the thermal mass would be maintained in an appropriate manner.


As mentioned earlier wood becomes dry and shrinks. If you’re looking to build log homes with some DIY instructions, well think again. They wouldn’t last long and unless a professional who understands how much a particular wood shrinks gets involved there is no way a log home can stay intact for a long time. A professional would construct the house in such a way that the shrinkage won’t be a problem at all and the indwellers don’t have to find themselves awake in a cracked or partially collapsed house.


This probably is the hardest part of having a log home, the windows can get expensive as the log walls need extra care while installing windows. However, when compared to the cost of building a conventional house the cost of installing windows is affordable. The pre-design has to be perfect and log home solutions company is the right approach.

Electric wiring

As mentioned before, DIY log cabin homes cannot be perfect as there is every possible chance of ignoring the most important aspects like electric wiring. Advanced planning with use of logs that are pre-milled for the purpose of electric wiring only can save the day. However, once the electric wiring is done with tamper proofs and sealing them properly, there is no way the electric wiring can cause a problem.

Cost efficiency

If there is no proper homework and hurried nature in building log homes the cost would cross the roof and even exceed to that of a conventional building. Therefore, take care to consult a company and get to know of all the details possible and you can observe that there is a huge difference between the expected cost and the cost calculated.

No restrictions

One of the greatest advantages of a log house is that there are absolutely no limitations in design and with the availability of latest technology even the minutest requirement in design can be achieved.

These are some of the aspects you should consider before building a log house and remember that they are very comfortable to live in. Therefore, make sure the comfort stays forever by approaching professionals instead of trying amateur methods.