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Ways To Keep Ants Out Of Your House

There are very few things that can make you feel as dirty as when you walk into your home to find a large pile of ants that have made their way into your home. We all know that one of the biggest reasons that ants come inside of your home is because they have found a food source. While this is one of the biggest reasons, it is not the only reason that ants may have made their way inside of your home. Elevate Pest Control gave us some tips for you to follow to be sure that you do not have to walk into a pile of dark ants anytime soon.

Pet Foods

One of the biggest reasons that ants have found their way inside of your home is because of where your pets food is located. Ants love to eat dog and cat food. The scent is strong and they can hunt it down from quite far distances. Also, it is really easy for them to access because it is usually left in shallow bowls on the floor.

Your pets food needs to stay on the floor, but you can confuse the ants and keep them outside. Relocating your pets bowls once in a while can really help keep ants away. Another idea is to not allow your pets to have a free feeding schedule. If you can not keep the ants out of their food we would suggest that you only leave their food down for short periods throughout the day. You pet will learn to eat when you place their food in front of them, and you can keep ants out of your home by not leaving the food on the floor.

Door Seals

We all understand just how tiny ants little bodies are. They are very small and can fit through very small cracks. One of the easiest ways for ants to get inside of your home is simply to squeeze through the seals of your doors. When was the last time that you changed the seal to your door? Seals get old and crack over time. They also lose their shape and start to sag in areas. New seals are very affordable and easy to install. Installing a new seal after you notice ants living inside of your home is one of the easiest way to make it stop. A new seal will be able to keep the ants outside of your home.

How to Remove

If you only have a small pile of ants inside of your home you should sweep them up and make sure to dispose of them so they do not just come back inside. If you notice more ants showing up inside of your home within the next few days, there is a chance that you have a bigger problem. If simply removing the ants is not working you will need to hire a pest control company to come into your home and spray for the ants. They will be able to treat the areas where ants may be coming inside of your home so they will not come back inside. Sometimes it can be hard to determine how they are getting inside, but a pest control expert will treat all of the potential areas to insure that the ants are going to stop coming inside and the ones that are inside will be treated with chemicals.