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4 Instances When Hiring a House Cleaning Service Makes Perfect Sense

In a perfect world, every home would look like the ones presented in films and TV shows.

Onscreen, people go about their daily routines, throw parties, and do everything imaginable in their homes, and yet the place always seemingly remains immaculate and pleasing to the eye — any clutter or disarray is presented in such an artistic way.

In reality, however, you know exactly what a truly lived-in house looks like. Dishes pile up in the sink. Kids’ toys take over entire rooms. Floors require constant sweeping if you want to walk over them barefoot. Bathrooms get icky. And everything gets covered in a film of dust after a few days.

While you may be able to do some light tidying up every day, that won’t be enough to achieve a truly clean house.

How do you want to spend your time?

A thorough cleaning entails putting in lots of time and effort. So people often aim to devote time after work or during the weekends to clean — but soon realize that they would much rather spend this precious free time catching up on sleep, joining their family or friends in a meal, getting pampered, or spending time on their hobby.

Anything, really, except wrestling with a heavy bookcase so you can push it to one side and vacuum underneath and behind it, or treating a carpet stain.

You need help — professional help.

As much as you would want to “wow” your family, friends, and yourself with your own housekeeping prowess, there simply isn’t enough time in your schedule (or enough energy left in you) to achieve the kind of clean you want for your home. But this doesn’t mean that you should keep your house in this condition until you are physically able to clean.

You have a choice. Whether you need regular cleaning done after every few days, or require an extra thorough clean for a special occasion coming up, you can hire professional home cleaners in Dubai to get the job done.

And especially in these four particular instances, it makes perfect sense to get in touch with the experts to work on your home from top to bottom:

1. When there are kids and pets in the house

It’s no secret: Caring for a child translates to non-stop work. As you continuously feed the baby or toddler, change diapers, monitor playtime, and watch over him throughout his waking and sleeping hours, a trail of messes is left behind in every area of the house you pass through.

Pretty much the same goes for pets like dogs and cats. Much like kids, they get into different rooms, climb on furniture, make a mess with their food and water bowls, and have occasional “accidents” inside the house.

The house must be kept clean because little children will touch any surface and put anything they find in their mouths. And while the whole family loves their pets, the messes they make should be immediately cleaned up so that the house stays fresh and disinfected, and everyone remains healthy.

Getting home cleaning service providers to do regular thorough cleaning of the house gives you more time to look after both human and furry babies. You’ll also have greater peace of mind that the house will always be sanitized and safe for everyone to stay in.

2. When there’s something special to celebrate

There’s a lot to celebrate in life: birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, engagements, marriages, new jobs, new homes, moving to a new location — you name it.

Getting people together in your house to share good food, drinks and conversation is always something to look forward to. Of course, you want your guests to feel welcome and comfortable in your home. So the space has to be spotless so they can freely move and look around, and enjoy themselves.

Preparing the food, drinks, decor, music, and other party essentials will keep you busy days or even weeks before the party. Getting expert cleaners to clean every inch of space helps you cross off that big item on your party to-do list.

3. When the family comes over for an extended stay

Holidays always inspire families to come together, catch up and spend time strengthening their bond. Your parents, siblings, grandparents, and other relatives may travel from different parts of the world to be with you during these special times of the year, and you’ll want to open up your home to them and make them feel welcome throughout their stay.

Your family may stay for the entire weekend or longer and will be using the home as their own. That means the bedrooms, bathrooms, living room and outdoor spaces must be prepared for their arrival. The house will also need extra cleaning throughout their stay since more people will be moving around in the house.

Focus on savoring the time spent with your family and get a cleaning service to handle the job of making the house clean and comfortable for everyone.

4. When you have housemates

If you are sharing a house or apartment with other people instead of family, it can be challenging to get all the housemates on the same page when it comes to splitting up the household chores. You may have different work schedules and days off, and of course, there may be differing opinions in terms of how often or how thoroughly the house should be cleaned.

To eliminate the problem of getting everyone to follow a cleaning routine, hire a cleaning service to do the job. This way, the cost will be divided between all housemates and everyone will be putting in their share to get the house in order and to keep it that way.

Your home may not be as impeccable as the ones you see onscreen, but you can certainly enjoy the next best thing: a clean, safe, fresh-smelling and tidy home, thanks to professionals who make it their business to make this happen for you.


Mohamed Samad is the Founder & CEO of Matic Services. He started the company in 2016 after a series of small start-ups within the home services sector. Prior to that, Mohamed was Vice President at Greenstone Equity Partners, where he spent 24 months building the UAE business from 2011-2013 with its founder.