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7 Vastu Tips for Kitchen

The kitchen is the powerhouse of a home. Your family’s health hugely depends on the food prepared in the kitchen, making it one of the most important spaces of the house. It is crucial to ensure that the kitchen only attracts positive energy inside. This can be done by following a few Vastu tips for Kitchen. Designing and positioning the windows, doors, kitchen appliances, refrigerator, oven, and even the sink according to Vastu will welcome positive energy always. Mentioned below are a few Vastu tips for your kitchen design to welcome positive energy:

The Wall Colours of the Kitchen 

To welcome more positive energy in the kitchen, always choose vibrant colours for the walls. Commonly used Vastu compliant colours include pink, yellow, chocolate brown, green, orange, or red. Experts always suggest not to paint the kitchen walls black or brown. These colours are not considered Vastu compliant and invite negative energies.

The Direction of the Cooking Stove 

While designing the kitchen as per Vastu, position the cooking stove in the South-East corner of the kitchen. This is the most suitable spot to place the cooking stove. The God of fire is Agni and will support the kitchen’s fire element. Ensure that the oven is in the East so that the person cooking always faces the East direction. According to Vastu, the South-East is the best direction for the Kitchen.

A person should never face the West side while cooking. This can result in severe health disorders. Also, major financial issues may arise in the family if the oven is placed towards the South direction. As per Vastu, the kitchen design should not have any shelf or closet above the cooking stove. This place is reserved for the chimney.

Position of the Refrigerator 

While positioning the refrigerator, make sure that it is located in the South, West, North, or South-East directions. As per Vastu, the refrigerator in the kitchen should never be positioned in the North-East direction. Also, do not locate it at the corner of the South-West direction. Ensure that there is at least a foot distance from the corner to make the kitchen design completely Vastu compliant.

Windows & Ventilators 

Every kitchen should have at least two windows as per Vastu. Irrespective of the size of the windows, both of them should be located in the South-East direction of the kitchen. On the other hand, all ventilators in the kitchen should be in South-West direction. The kitchen windows should always open towards the outside and not inside. This is not mandatory for the entire home design. A ventilated kitchen is a Vastu compliant kitchen.

Space for Storage 

Every kitchen needs adequate space for storing various kitchen appliances and items. Hence, a storage space is a necessity in the kitchen. Always ensure that this storage space is not only blending in with the kitchen design but as per Vastu as well. Position all the storage cabinets against the walls on the Southern side and Western side. Keeping them organized at all times is ensuring that the kitchen is Vastu compliant. Experts always suggest avoiding the East and Noth side walls for this purpose.

Wash Basin 

Even a wash basin should be taken into consideration while making the kitchen Vastu compliant. Besides sinks, water pipes, dishwashers, washing machines, and even the drains in the home design should be positioned properly. All these items should in the North or North-East side of the kitchen. On the other hand, place the overhead tanks in a different direction. They should be positioned on the West side of the house. By maintaining a proper balance between the water elements and fire elements of the house as per Vastu, you can acquire more wealth and enjoy better health.

Kitchen Appliances 

All modern kitchens are replete with various modern appliances that include grinders, heaters, ovens, microwaves, etc. These appliances are related to the fire element of Vastu Shastra. Hence, they should be placed in the South-East or South direction. Always ensure that you do not position any electrical item in the North-East direction of the kitchen.