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The Best Storage Lockers for Apartment Buildings

The Best Storage Lockers for Apartment Buildings

There are undeniable benefits for both renters and property owners alike of adding on-site storage to your facility. Tenants love the ability to keep their things in a safe and secure space that is easily accessible to them when they need it. Property owners love the sleek design, and more importantly the extra added income every month. On-site storage also helps cut down on mess and clutter in hallways and other shared spaces, making your property look cleaner and more organized in the eyes of potential future renters. Tenants need a space to put their extra things, and if you’re not offering the opportunity to rent the space from you onsite that means you are allowing for money to be leaving your pocket every month. There is no shortage of options when it comes to looking into storage lockers for apartment buildings and it can feel overwhelming to find the best fit for your property. We are here to show you the best options for on-site apartment storage lockers to help! 

Car Space Storage

An innovative and modern take on storage lockers, car space storage such as the Bradyl Box by Bradyl Storage Solutions is a great option for properties that are looking to add storage but don’t have the extra space to install traditional style storage lockers. The Bradyl Box is a freestanding car space storage box that is made fully of steel and can hold up to 900 pounds of stored items and gives around 80 cubic feet of storage space. Renters love Bradyl Boxes because they are safe, secure and private, and easily accessible when need be. The Box’s legs are adjustable to fit comfortably over all cars and SUVs, and most sized trucks. 

Traditional Style Storage Lockers

If more traditional lockers are more your style, the Bradyl Bin is the best way to go. With walls made of solid steel and a swing-out door, Bradyl Bins are a sleek and stylish option for adding on-site storage to your property. Renters love the privacy and security that they get with Bradyl Bins and view them as a valuable asset and amenity. Storage lockers are a great option for properties with a good amount of open space to spare and can turn that open space into a sleek and attractive storage facility. 

Why You Shouldn’t Consider Wire Mesh

It can be tempting to go with a seemingly more cost-effective, yet less secure option such as wire mesh, but here’s why you shouldn’t. The top qualities that are of priority to renters when it comes to storage are security and privacy. Unfortunately, wire mesh offers very little of either. Since the mesh is essentially see-through, it provides little to no coverage from dirt, debris, insects, and in even worse cases, thieves. Renters are less likely to see wire mesh storage as valuable or worth it to rent out and use. If they don’t feel their belongings will be safe when stored inside, they aren’t worth the price. Wire mesh storage also tends to look messy and disorganized to future potential renters, because of the see-through mesh walls. It may seem like a cost-effective option at face value, but the fact is there are much better options on the market at the space price point. Both storage options listed above by Bradyl are of higher quality with more dependable security and privacy and are comparable in price too much less desirable wire mesh styles. In independent studies, renters prefer both Bradyl storage options to wire mesh storage overwhelmingly, and find the Bradyl solutions to be valuable and worth the money to use.