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Composite Doors: What are the Benefits?

Composite doors have sky-rocketed in popularity in the last few years – they’re everywhere at the moment, you see them being advertised on TV and some of your neighbours even have them. But what are they and why should you be considering one for your home?

Composite doors North Wales have lots of experience with installing composite doors, as they have become the preferred choice for an external door for homeowners.

What exactly is a composite door?

A composite door is made up of a combination of materials – which means it can improve upon the standard and performance of the generic UPVC and timber doors. The rigid polymer frame and the insulating foam core provides a barrier against the cold and extreme weather. The exterior of these doors also makes them a great fit for traditional and modern homes. The woodgrain effect GRP (glass reinforced plastic) skin, which is damage and impact resistant, makes composite doors a top choice for a new door North Wales.

So, just what are the benefits of choosing a composite door for your home?

#1 Intrusion Resistant

With secure locks, combined with a thick and strong door, your home is well-protected. Security is obviously a key consideration and composite doors are a great choice for the security conscious.

#2 Strength

Their strength makes them an ideal choice for an external door as they possess brilliant durable and rigid properties. They are able to provide more than enough protection against intrusion and the elements, along with regular wear and tear.

#3 Boosting Kerb Appeal

Composite doors have excellent aesthetic appeal, it’s what first draws people to them. Since your front door is often part of the first impression of your home, you want your door to make a good one. With colours that wont fade, and the look of timber coupled with modern performance – a composite door is an external door that is bound to impress.

#4 Thermal Performance

The thermal performance of composite doors is second to none. With their highly insulating core, your home will no longer be victim to cold spots or annoying draughts. No matter what the weather is getting up to outside, you’ll be comfortable inside! Composite doors can help to lower your energy bills and the superb insulation will keep unwanted sound proofing out too.

#5 Low Maintenance

No need to worry about time-consuming care. Composite doors don’t need repainting and the durable skin keeps the door protected against bumps and scratches. This high durability ensures that your new door stays looking in great shape for years to come.

#6 Wow Factor

They can give your home the wow factor. Style is given as much priority as performance with composite doors, so they make sure that your front door stands out for the right reasons.

#7 Individuality

With composite doors, you can get a door in practically any colour you like. You can also personalise the design by including glazed sections. A beautifully bespoke door that looks great and will keep you safe. You can also add some finishing touches to your new composite door with matching letter plates, knockers or handles.